Tuesday, October 20, 2009


65 th Anniversary of NAZI s being driven out of Yugoslavia

So the local feed of the BBC did have a reporter in Belgrade, especially since Medvedev is in Belgrade for this day. They HAD intended giving coverage of constitutional negotiations in BiH as well, same reporter, but ran out of time. I am sure the BBC website has the full story.

I have enjoyed having the BBC on twice a day on PBS a lot. They cover many stories that don't get covered in U.S. media, even PBS or NPR. I realize a half hour format is not friendly to the type of in-depth coverage the BBC is noted for, and noticed he wasn't the only reporter cut short before finishing a story. Maybe it was just a bad morning.

It actually warmed up a little here in the Yakima Gulag. The sunflowers are bravely trying to bloom again, actually the raspberries, particularly the ones behind the garage have been trying to yield more fruit, BUT the weather is so up and down I doubt we'll see the usual second harvest of raspberries. Too bad really since they are so nice. They have to be trimmed back, and that is being arranged for.

I am still thinking about stuff that was in 'Capitalism a Love Story' So much of it made me mad, but a lot of it inspired me, especially the workers at Republic Windows, and the people who took back their homes that they'd been foreclosed out of, and the sherriff in Wayne County, Michigan who decided not to enforce any more foreclosures. If all those people wind up on the streets, all over the country, that is a recipe all kinds of trouble. Seeing people fight back short of that point is a good thing. Seeing them do so non violently is beautiful!

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