Monday, October 19, 2009


Capitalizim ljubavna prica

Capitalism A Love Story was EXCELLENT! Go see it!

There's stuff that was covered which I missed out on in my year in BiH. Some of which might have caused me to round up any scythe and pitchork and torch inclined neighbors to go do something about....

Readers of this blog already know I have a problem with the concept of usuary, it is un-Scriptural, it is against ANYONE'S Scriptures!

I wish the two priests and the bishop interviewed had mentioned the fact that interest is DIRECTLY forbidden in Scripture, I wihs that Micheal Moore had interviewed a Rabbi and perhaps an Imam and a really well informed Protestant minister on the subject of interest and dealing in interest. It would have really been good for the point he was making.

I of course really loved the part about Republic Windows. Also for the record, I have been to personally areas in BiH that got rocketed and bombed to Hell that look better than Flint, Michigan, and some other 'Post Cards From Hell' once wonderful, or at least O.K. towns and cities across America. I want this film shown in places that send us a lot of illegal entrants! I think it might turn back some people. That would be a good thing right now.

There were several urban eviction actions which were shown, guess what, take away American's T.V.s, their homes, their comforts and guess what, Americans don't make bad rebels after all! I was a little concerned on that score to be honest with you all...

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