Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Small Stuff I Hate!

Alright, whoever is calling from an unfamiliar number to someone's mobile phone really should leave a message or a text to say why they called. I admit to failing to do this on one occasion but when the person called me back, I said who I was and why I had called. There is a way to find out about numbers but ONLY to a POINT and ONLY if you PAY and that is 'whocalledus.com' I found them unincredivle, I was underwhelmed, because all I could get out of them was a location and if it was a land line or not, and once whether it was comercial or not. Nothing more, no name no rank no serioal number no one to b*^%$ out. I really wanted someone to b*^%$ out by the time I'd been wakened at 5 am and then at 6 am by people too chicken to leave a damned message. I guess I will find a land line and a calling card and procede to do just that anyway at some untoward hour.

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