Thursday, October 08, 2009


Too Much Coffeee!!!!

Yeah, I was up at Northtown with a friend last night, and I got one of their 'Bottomless Cups' of coffee, and surfed the net until my battery was way down and chatted with my friend who brought me there. She and I were talkinga bout insurance since this is one of my friends still in the business. She felt I was pretty much right about what I had to say about things in the post I made yesterday about the financial services and insurance industries in genera..

Also saw on PBS last night and the night before an EXCELLENT two parter on how health care is currently hanlded in The Netherlands. I think it is a system that would actually fly in the States, and it appears to work. I know I get readers from that part of the world. I would invite comments on how they feel the system is working for them.

I am interested in hearing anything they think does work also what does not work...

The first night's stoy of the couple that moved from the U.S. to the Netherlands because their son is autistic especially intrigued me. The situation of children with autism is rather rough here, some parents are able to afford decent care, and others are not ablble to do much of anything for their kid, and it really depends on a patchwork of insurance and social services which may or may not work in a given case. I am also interested in the situation of adults with disabilities, especially autism and intellectual challenges because that is something that really tells if a health care system is really top of the line or not.

So is the treatment of people at the very bottom of society. I am interested in some voices from the Netherlands on this subject. Please it is Dutch De-Lurking Week! :)

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