Monday, October 05, 2009


Monday Web Mondo

Alright, links for all! The People Want Links! Power to the People!

Amnesty International Demands Justice for war time rape victims

Considering how often rape is a part of war, despite all conventions and laws against it, any voicess against this vile behavior are welcome.

I still think the Algerian solution of declareing women who suffered this abuse as 'shaheed' would be another useful measure.

A Sarajevo FC fan was killed in a soccer rumble. Police were attacked as well.

EULEX finds signs of mass graves in Kosovo.

Promises not kept 9 years after revolution.

Former KLA members found guilty of torture


the missing link! :)

Lukomir the last mountain village in Bosnia

Irish Yes vote on EU opens doors for Balkans nations

Thanks for the Lukomir article. When I feel cold this winter I'll keep warm reminding myself. Sadly it looks like it's following the same path of decline as mountain villages throughout Europe.
Thanks also for the link to the BIRN article on the Amnesty report. It was a serious failing on the part of the ICTY not to realise the importance of bring charges Milan Lukic for rape. Hopefully the BiH war crimes court will take this on.
@Owen, on Lukomir, the village is basically only accesible by chopper from November to March, and if there is real snow in Bosnia, then the time is longer. Few families of reproductive age even live in Lukomir now. Thank God, Lukomir was not much affected by the war, but speaking of the war, the skills of people who live in extreme situations on a regular basis are irreplacable. There are things such people know which are totally secret to city people and even to guys who write books on how to survive disasters. I am not saying such books are worthless, but often enough, they take for granted what one will have ready to hand, and what one will not have. Survival of war and natural disaster is a total crap-shoot.

and on the BIRN article, BiH is not the only place where rape as a war crime is a neglected issue. This is a worldwide issue. It has more to do with the nature of war itself. I think such instances were covered up in other wars.
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