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Lynx Saturation Saturday

x provocatively tititled column

'Listen Up Muslims We Fought For You'

The Cambridge historian Brendan Simms, who has made a particular study of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, wrote some years ago that “many in the European establishment have never forgiven the Americans for being right about Bosnia. Most Muslims, in Britain and worldwide, have forgotten it, if they ever knew it in the first place. For a long time I saw the inability of the US to parlay its efforts on behalf of European Muslims into credit ... as a failure of American public diplomacy. But in the course of my own modest efforts at public meetings, and the odd appearance on Muslim channels, I quickly realised that I was hitting a brick wall”.

and a new find of a mass grave in Eastern BiH

And the children of mixed marriages face intolerance

I know that there is a huge stigma on mixed marriages, one good thing about my former S.O.. was he did not buy into that attitude!

“Ethnic intolerance was not a precursor to war, but its consequence,” psychologist Dinka Corkalo Biruski, of Zagreb University, says. Her conclusion follows years of research into communities affected by war.

and this quote seems apropos

The more integrated the people are, the more violence is required to separate them,” Doubt writes in his book Sociology after Bosnia.

** really rings a bell on Black White relationships in the U.S. actually, because
Americans, whether Black or White have more in common with each other than they do with foreigners.

and what could be going on in Karadzic's warped excuse for a mind:,news-comment,news-politics,why-radovan-karadzic-is-sulking-in-his-cell

and file under 'Why am I so very unsurprised?'

and not Balkans related at all, just weird as Hell, because coyotes just don't attack people, not by ones twos or threes so something weird is up,people,news,canadian-folk-singer-taylor-mitchell-killed-by-pack-of-coyotes

looks like I am not alone in my reaction t to Plavsic's release and welcome

and that damned Dodik again...

and some stuff on Kosovo

Superb round-up! Thanks.
Thanks Owen!
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