Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Squashes! Squashes! Squashes!

My housemate M. went out to take some of her trash out and noticed a strange yellow glow in the tangled frozen leaves, and a few frozen blossoms that had been hidden from view when the weather was good. She took a closer look and detected a whole lot of long tubuluar looking squashes, what type she wasn't sure. So she came and got me. She also got a knife and we discussed them. Obviously the thing to do was cut them and bring them in. So we did, the biggest weighed like 10lbs, it almost hurt to carry it in, and we rounded up the others, and I spent the evening cutting them, removing the huge numbers of seeds and then cutting them down to size and blanching them. They are all securely in freezer bags in our fridges. Even the biggest one has very soft flesh, and they will be delicious additions to soups or even one could make them into puddings.

I have a few cuts on my hands to show for the night's work. That is o.k. Winter is coming on so suddenly! They even said we might get up to an inch of snow. The snow hasn't fallen yet, but it is bleak out there.

The landslide in Naches, which led to the closure of Route 410 still is big news. Some homes have their power back, but a lot of people both up by the river and even in town where the river re-routed itself are going to have to move. It is a MESS! People were hearing rumblings in the hills for at least a week or two, but no one really knows what caused the landslide. All anyone knows is that it is a huge inconvenience to the people who have lived there for in some cases 2 or 3 generations.

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