Thursday, November 16, 2006


Get Your Shibboleths Right Here! Get them while they're hot!

A Shibboleth for those of you from Rio Del, is when people use a varient pronounciation of some word or phrase to find out who is a foreigner. In Del Norte County California, they don't pronounce the 'e' at the end, normally it is CORRECT to pronounce the 'e' at the end but local custom is that it's not pronounced. NPR tries, they really try, but even they can be crushed by the Dreaded Shibboleth!
The Tsunami Hits Crescent City Harbor in Del Norte County California

City Sues Kaiser for Patient Dumping!

GOOD, because I see patient dumping as part of the War on the Poor! This is so Third World! What is our F*&%$#*^ excuse?

They're lazy?
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