Monday, November 27, 2006


Good Frozen Morning Comrade Zeks

We have in the Yakima Gulag 3.3 inches of snow. I believe my little grand daughter doesn't go to school today, but I believe I'm still supposed to go to school today at the usual time. So I'm out of here.

UN Police In Kosovo Up Security After Unspecified Threat\ACQDJON200611270700DOWJONESDJONLINE000169.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Karadzic Update

Funeral Homes Making More Overseas Arrangements,0,2896506.story?coll=green-news-local-headlines

Don't Blame Me for the Headline,,3-2473163,00.html

I had no idea Seselj was born in Sarajevo, There was other interesting information about the defendant. Still I suppose some may have a problem with the headline. I didn't put the headline there.

I didn't write this headline either

There is a slight problem with the article, Serbia can't hand over Karadzic or Mladic if neither man is within Serbian borders. There is a possiblity that neither man is within reach of Serbian authorities. Remember, Gotovina wasn't in Croatia. Croatia DID help find him though, the man who lead the search team was from Dalmacija as well.

oh yes its true about Seselj although he lost his Bosnian accent pretty quickly after deciding to pollute Serbia with his rubbish. :)

Think about that next time he complains that he doesnt understand Croatian at the Hague - after all Bosnian is a mixture of Serbian and Croatian isnt it?
Well, to be fair about the Seselj article headline, "Chetniks" was the name of his paramilitary groups. Just like Arkan had his "Tigers" there was also the "Wasps"(I believe), "Chetniks" etc.
So the reference to "Chetniks" in this context seems to be a specific reference to Mr. Seselj's group, and not just a generic term for ultra-nationalist Serbs, etc.
Lucky you, because of snow I mean!
T @ miljacka: the snow is alright to a point, it's good for the crops here, so I thank God for it slipping and sliding all the way to the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:education.

@ Shaina, sometimes it's good to cover one's ass, some people do blame me for headlines! :)

@ B.G. Anon, I read someplace, I think in the immortal 'Black Lamb and Grey Falcon' that 'Bosnian is the purest dialect of Serbian'! I hate when people pretend they don't understand Bosnian if they speak Croatian or Serbian if they speak Bosnian or either of the others if they oh whatever it's the same language .... a little accent difference that's about it.
Seseljs comments on Croatian are purely tongue in cheek though aimed at the audience at home.

I remember watching his performance in a cafe. My fellow patrons werent of the nationalistic type but they found his complaints that he didnt understand Croatian hilarious.

Of course the more serious point that he is making (at least that is what some members of the Serbian public thinks he's making) is that its the Croats and Bosnians that are claiming new languages when the languages are all the same. His perforamce, as they understood it, was a finger in the eye for Croatians and Bosnians who claim a seperate language.

Its the same kind of laughter incurred when people in Serbia see Croatian subtitles for Serbian movies shown on Croatian television.

Of course that is just an idle analysis of the situation. Personally I understand how important it is for new states to claim that their own language is different. Its part of nation building. But of course in a way all these artificial differences are pretty funny.

I still havent read Black Lamb although I possess it. Prosaic language abound I'm told but hey have you ever seen such a massive travel book?
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