Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Late Updates

Russian Police Routinely Torture, Especially in Chechnya


Rape rooms were among the featured tortures mentioned in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and given as a reason to take him out. I guess it's o.k. for Putin to do it to the Chechens, since they're Muslims. I'm just saying......

C.I.A. Operatives at Scene of Bobby Kennedy Assasination


Montenegro signs treaty to ban land-mines! :)


Security Council Renews Mandate of E.U. Force in BiH


I don't think that the religious background of the parties is the main reason as to why the US is tolerating, and by extension, condoning Putin's torture methods. I think it is because Putin is seen as too valuable as an ally. Remember before we ousted Hussein, he was our ally, and we conviently ignored his attacking Iranian soldiers with chemical weapons not to mention his genocide against his own Kurdish population!
That or the U.S. under Bush is afraid of Russia. The last American to tell any Russian force to go home was Gen Wesley K. Clark.
Hussein didn't only kill Kurds, the U.S. encouraged a rebellion among the Marsh Arabs, in southern Iraq and totally let those poor people down. They were a mostly harmless group of people and they've ended up in the same group as the most implacable of Shi'a insurgents. I see Osama bin-Ladin and a lot of what Saddam Hussein did, was the U.S.'s own damn fault for supporting dictators and bad people when we should have supported democracy, back when the U.S. was taking down the Soviet Union. Once it was down, the kinds of extremists represented by bin-Ladin and the kind of dictators represented by Hussein had a lot of power. That sort of stupid power politics needs to go away. If you don't support what you SAY you support, you don't GET what you SAY you support.
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