Wednesday, November 15, 2006



There was a huge earthquake in Japan...again...Ivan the Terrible's new town was briefly mentioned on's freezing cold here but no snow hvala Bog! Must go in and do some typing and printing on my paper, in a bit. But I can take some time for a decent breakfast first. :)not that much happening here senores
Later: Again I was wrong, we have a huge big storm blowing in. Hood River Floating Bridge was closed, snow in Snoqualmie, Mt. Rainier park closed etc. 7rla itd.

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Update time!

More on Stanković Sentance

No sentance of this court is enough to do justice to him.

News of Brčko Mass Grave Exhumations

Discrimination Against Roma Begins in Primary School

Poland Supports 'Free and Independant Kosovo'

Bulgarians 'Should Put Down Roots At Home' BBC article

U.K. to re-think Closed Door Policy for Romanians, Bulgarians

but with this kind of nonsense do Romanians want to work for British?

Maid Sues Naomi Campbell

Clergyman wants obligatory theology classes in Bulgaria

I don't think that's such a wonderful idea. Let that be seperate from school.

Armenia sends new peacekeepers to Kosovo

Fact Sheet on ICC from AI

For Trivia fans...which Nation or State was first to recognise the independance of the United States of America?
Please post your answers, guesses, surmizes, etc in the Comments Section Here at this post.
No prizes, just free publicity! :)

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