Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Freezing again in the Yakima Gulag

*Afternoon updates: On a personal note, the temperature in the Yakima Gulag is now about 22 degrees F. way too cold for zekas my age to be wandering around. I had to go pay a wather bill because it would not do to be without water. So I took the bus downtown, and then back, unfortunately the 3 which is the best return run is ALWAYS late, it has a rather harrowing route in the Winter. I had to carry my school stuff, and just hurry up, that is always hard in snow. So once I was back near the campus, I gave up on the whole idea of crossing 12, it just is too nasty. I decided to go up 12th and drop in on a friend, but I never made it there, a lady who saw me trying to walk in the snow saw me and gave me a lift, it is from her that I learned the appalling temperature. I thanked her and said God bless you. Her daughter is a student. She just didn't like to see anyone walking in this crap. I actually wasn't doing so bad for how cold it was, especially since I haven't eatten since 7 am.I must be a really tough old zeka now! :) I am now in my home, I arrived to find that the heat had kicked on I stood by the heat register a few minutes, then went into the kitchen, grabbed the heel of the excellent black bread purchased way back when I was in Everett and slathered it with butter, and devoured it. I love black bread anyway and this was really fine black bread! Old School as the young people say.
I need to rest and then I've decided I've had enough of various methods I've tried so that I could alphabetize my citations page on the English paper. Something in XP must be really razfukana because I had an easy time last time I had to alphabetize a citations page. That was a while back. If it weren't so damn cold, I'd go to the Writing Center and let them help me, but I can do that tomorrow. I need to pick up a couple more classes. That is important. Something EASY dammit, I am going to be doing math. If I'd had a math class along with this English class, I'd be toast and that isn't a good feeling! :)

by itself which it will if it's real cold. below 50, it just turns on automatically.

but enough about me, here's some new news:

Montenegrins Bridle at Russian Invasion


Rights for Roma


German Involvement in 'Extraordinary Rendition

THEY knew where Mladic Was


All Hell busting loose in Pristina


Croatians still think the E.U. and NATO are a crock


I think the people are right too.

A registration required site, but the headline is priceless! Gotta love Alabama!

60 Air Force Reservists deploy to Yugoslavia


Croatia tries to shed light on dark chapter in its history


A man who totally should not have his picture in the papers!


This man is courting death by being so public.

American Council for Kosovo


Former Bosnian Serb Policeman gets 14 Years for War Crimes


Ever want to see a film story board? interesting

Border Post


Sentence of Blagoje Simic cut


I hope they're prosecuted under terrorism legislation, because it's closer to terrorism than to gangsterism

Two Arrested in Gangland Bombing Plot


People Trafficker Busted in Florida


Opinion Piece on Putin and the assorted killings


I didn't even know about business intelligence before, just business espionage


Balkan Reality Check intrudes on NATO's Grand Plans


Montenegrin P.M. at Italian Heart Clinic


Montenegrin Industry Needs Cheep Electricity


I'm not one who likes to argue too much about numbers but 'Researchers at the museum say they have proof that 69,842 people were killed' is below the vast majority of estimates or even list of names kept by holocaust museums in Belgrade and beyond.

Ho hum at least other estimates were mentioned in the article.
One more point I think many, many more gypsies died in Jasenovac than we will ever know.

Perhaps the journalist should have gone into this more deeply, but still..
I don't think what happened in Prishtina today, was 'All hell breaking loose".

And I am very disappointed that you provide space for the racist American Council for Kosovo, without any comments, implying that you agree with them.

Good luck
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