Tuesday, November 21, 2006



File under 'Not Helpful Behavior':

http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=topNews&storyID=2006-11-21T122301Z_01_L21791378_RTRUKOC_0_US-KOSOVO-SCHOOL-GRENADE.xml&WTmodLoc=NewsHome-C1-topNews-9Grenade Thrown Into Kosovo Classroom


Serbia to Exhume Bodies from 1991-1995 Wars


Interesting commentary:
What Are you so scared of?


Villagers of Glod Sue BoratforFor $30 Million


Bonus: Picture of the lady who played Borat's mother in the film. Warning Pop-up Ad

Daughter of past Romanian Dictator Dies


Comrade Katjuša woke up at a proper hour for once, considering that the Madness of National Write a Novel Month is at it's height and Comrade Katjuša met and exceeded quota last night. She went to sleep at an early hour, but kept waking up and thinking of crazy plot twists for her trashy little novel. At 30,000+ words she is in good shape though.

The cold weather sharpened the appetite, and breakfast was black bread, Polish bacon, and onions with a shot of rose infused vodka. Then off the to the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education for a day spent in learning.

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