Thursday, November 23, 2006


Evening Updates.

Landslide in Montenegro Causes Flooding, Evacuation of Village

Wierd Romanian Rural Soap Opera Touts E.U.

O.K. here's why the E.U. sucks!

"those in the countryside that people must change their habits has been difficult, said Roxana Morea of the European Commission delegation in Bucharest.

"We say to them: if you carry on killing your pig in your courtyard or making your own alcohol in your home, very well - but you cannot sell it to anyone else."

People have had the freedom to do those things and now they won't. I don't see how that's necessarily a good thing.

Umbrella Assasin Revealed

Link to more about the Umbrella Assasin

Pope may permit condoms to prevent AIDS

I hope that he'll do that, because it's stupid not to.

Litvenenko died today. Not that it was a surprise given his condition.

It's not stupid but a crime against humanity. Whole societies are disintegrating because of the way Pope reads the Bible.
Amen about the Pope. The Papacy should have done so a long time ago. Have absolutely no idea how accurate this is, but apparently, according to to the Chechen Press site, Litvenenko converted to Islam and will be burried in a Muslim cemetery:

There is a photo of him in a "Chechen" t-shirt. Not that it is the sole clue to his religious affiliation though.

I do think that if he was "pro Chechen" than his death, and the death of the journalist is just too coincidental; and Putin probably has something to do with it. I mean, two high profile protesters of his Chechnya policy suddenly meet violent deaths?
But, even if Putin is involved somehow, I doubt there will be any evidence that would lead back to him. I'm sounding like a conspiracy theorist though!
And this isn't Balkan related news, but yesterday was the deadliest day in Iraq, with some 160 people killed in a series of car bombings. Sounds like the start of civil war to me. (As oppose to just isolated acts of violence). hope i'm wrong though
@ Shaina, On the Chechen connection, I note that in Serbia the Women in Black often are referred to by other Serbians as 'The Muslim Women'. The other. I'm not saying it's impossible that Litvinenko converted, just not something I think is hugely likely, and that someone could have planted that story to make him look 'bad' to other Russians who have an attitude against Muslims.

@ Warchild, I wish the last Pope had said it would be o.k. to use condoms to prevent AIDS and other STDs.
Lots of people don't realize that other common STDs were equally deadly before the discovery of modern anti-biotics. Similar social disruptions appeared in Europe.

Long before my days as a blogger, when my mother was alive I detailed for her what I felt would be the consequences socially of AIDS, increased incest, more younger women being raped, and of course the death rate being a problem of productivity and cultural continuity in widespread areas of the world. There are indeed some societies which will be GONE totally due to AIDS.
The Papacy isn't alone in the blame, it's all religious ideas that don't grasp two concepts, one is that what ever time they got their scriptures or other teachings were a long time ago and the other is not having any sense of harm reductiion or choosing the lesser of two 'evils'
Most of the prophetic religions have this problem as a serious issue.
A lot of Catholics have taken matters into their own hands on many matters. The scandals in the priesthood were a huge contributing factor in this trend.
If it worked right, the way the Catholic Church is structured should have made applying Canon Law more efficient, Canon Law is very flexiable and tends to make those distinctions, but different Popes have been hidebound in their interpretation, and have not acknowleged change in the world.

There is a tendancy in the Christia world generally, not to back up measures and traditions that could at least stem the flow of less than desirable behavior.
I think all religions are faced with what to do with new trends, customs and social changes. Usually the wrong choice is made or the right choice is made too late.
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