Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tuesday : UPDATES

Update on the Sad Case of Winnie Brady


Winnie Brady disappeared mysteriously in Medjugorije and no one knows what happened to her. I'm inclined to suspect foul play and I feel bad for her family and her. Medjugorije has been generally a safe destination in BiH. I've said I'd keep up with this story, I have been concerned for her, and I'm sure some of my regular readers are concerned as well.
I note that Ireland lacks it's own embassy in BiH...how come it doesn't have a BiH embassy?
If anyone knows the answer, please send me the answer written in grease pencil on about ten pounds of prščut made from humanely slaughtered free range pigs to Editing Work Unit Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett Yakima Gulag Soviet of Washington! and send along some nice Yukon Gold potatoes too! :)

Sarajevo Nightlife


Looks like general news is a little hard to access from the gulag this morning.

This is one story I didn't see elsewhere at the time:

Croatia Least Corrupt Balkans Nation


Stanković gets 16 years for war crimes


16 years isn't enough for what he did! I wish he'd rot in Hell.

*UPDATE: EU Delays Troop Reductions in BiH


I'm glad someone else realized this other idea was STUPID! Thank God!

E.U. drawing down troops in BiH despite Kosovo worries

I think this is stupid.

Novi Pazar Activist's Home Attacked With Grenade


and from a source I haven't used before.

A town called Farmer's Branch in Texas has made the presence of 'illegal immigrants' illegal in city limits. They have laws up now which prohibit landlords from renting to 'illegal immigrants' I put the quote marks because that is a part of the U.S. where it isn't always the Mexicans that crossed the border, sometimes, the border crossed them. I've been hearing talk on the infamous Mike Savage show that reminds me of when Milošević was begining the divisive sort of talk that destroyed the once remarkable nation of Yugoslavia in the end. I do not want similar talk to destroy my country. To let bitterness over mid-term election losses run rampant is silly. Such mid-term shifts of political balance are totally normal in the U.S. Granted it was an unusual shift of political balance, but the circumstances were extraordinary. Rather than being in attack mode people on the other side ought to be more reflective as to how it happened.
Christian voters in particular felt used. The corruption of some key Republicans didn't help in the least. They don't expect such lofty things from the Democrats. Lowered expectations benefitted the Democrats, BUT the Democrats have to carry on in a RESPONSIBLE manner. The Democrats must show leadership and not fall into corrupt behavior.

This story has no direct Balkans ties, but is important. This is what I got to wake up to:

Big Kidnapping in Downtown Baghdad


Excuse me but this sick shitdidn't even happen in the El Salvador and Guatamala wars and plenty of really sick shit happened in both those wars, including ethnic cleansing, mass graves, land mines, mass rapes. This shows that even the Green Zone isn't all that secure. The guys who did this had something resembling the right uniforms. Actually Americans should consider whether this could happen in America. A lot of used uniforms floating around in any thrift store... just saying. Some countries outlaw civilians wearing military clothing.

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