Saturday, November 18, 2006


Subota, Sabado,Saturday, De Sathairn

It's not a good day until some kurva sina threatens to behead you: The monthly demo against the war in Iraq in the Yakima gulag is every third Saturday and Sunday of the month.
The Saturday one takes place downtown. We changed the location to the corner of South First and Yakima Avenue. It's a location I don't care for, too windy, but it does have traffic. Some of the traffic involved one ignorant kurva sina, who yelled at me mostly because he doesn't know the difference between a Catholic who adheres to modest dress and a Muslim.
O.K. I conced, maybe it's not a huge difference, but there are clues I'm not Muslim! Anyway he starts yelling all kinds of shit at me, threatening me with beheading and as the light changed went through the intersection and threw the Trailer Trash salute. I think the fact I bit my tongue and said nothing pissed him off worse than if I'd said anything. He was yelling at me to 'Go Home!' Hey if I ever figure out for sure what constitutes 'HOME' with my complex family tree, I'll be happy to oblige!
If I have to listen people spewing that kind of primativist hate, the LEAST they can damn well thicken up the coffee around here! :)
They are about to have some nice Celtic music on 'Domestic Taiga Comrade' and I'm enjoying them. Boys of the Lough. We got treated to how to spell and pronounce the name 'Cathail'.

Tens of Thousands Gather to Commemorate Vukovar Anniversary

Albania Will Resettle 3 More Guantanamo Inmates

U.S. Senate Backs NATO Expansion

Yeah now that some places don't get an invite! D'oh!

Serbs Protest Pollutio

NATO to increase presence in Kosovo

Bosnian tribunal endorses five-year sentence against former finance minister

7,000 Pirate CDs Busted in Downtown Sofia

Nun From Medjugorije to Speak

Holocaust Details Keep Unfolding After 60 Years

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