Sunday, November 26, 2006



Well we have some real snow here, I did take some pictures, I admit, it's beautiful early in the morning, quiet except for the indignant cries of the crows who are not enjoying this development.

Oh, we actually do news here...o.k. here's some news...

Article is in Croatian, but there is a nice picture of a REALLY old fish-hook, which is surprisingly modern in design, I mean MINDBLOWINGLY modern looking. The only way the picture looks old is the rust encrustations!

Vis House dating 2 Centuries Before Christ Discovered

Admittedly a polemical source, but they do keep track of this stuff.

E.U.Fails to Protect Blue-Fin Tuna

Seselj Trial starts Monday

He must not have read the Gulag Archipelago, to see why his hunger strike is a stupid idea. First a lot more people need to be on your side.

130+ Volts fry appliances in Bulgarian village

Mysterious White Powder Spread in Front of U.S. Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria

Similarities in Bulgarian, Russian Assasinations Noted

Not Balkans related but of interest anyway...

Berlusconi Collapses While Giving a Speech

And definately of Balkans interest given how many of those things were floating around being put to bad use...

NPR's AK-47 Story

you get to hear the inventor General Kalashnikov, it was interesting he's coming out with a new line of vodka.

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