Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Again below freezing in the Yakima Gulag

Seselj in the Hospital

Uncertain Future for War Crimes Court

NATOs Divided Allies

U.S.says both BiH and Serbia need to do more about war criminals

Story on NPR about Muslim women in the U.S. and hijab

I think that a face veil is going too far in this country. It's not required anyway, on the hajj women don't wear a face veil. I don't have a problem with people wearing scarves. I wear one myself, because that really is something Christians should be doing. I think this story was interesting in that it showed how the view point on this issue has changed over a number of decades.

another NPR story, more of an analysis:
Long Line of KGB/FSB Poisonings and Assasinations

O.K. two British airlines planes had to be pulled due to radiation, and three people are sick, and one guy is dead. No one is talking about it. This is serious people! Why the Hell are Sean Hanity, Mike Savage and Rush Limbaugh so NOT ranking on the KGB and FSB? Are they a bunch of chickens? I guess they must be.

In Croatian but worth your time so you can see the perp walk of the guys that were planning to blow up the ferry boat, they ostensibly were gangsters, but their behavior was that of terrorists. It used to be that gangsters mostly killed other gangsters or the occasional policeman.

Front Page

mor pictures and

Further details

talk about mokra dijelo! eeeek!

Talks with Turkey disrupted over Cyprus

NATO sets up 'Contact Group'

Serbian President Tadic Welcomes Closer Ties With NATO§ion=theworld&col=

Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia can join Partnership for Peace

al Masri Seeking Redress

Not Balkans related, but of interest anyway...

Mud Volcanoes

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