Monday, November 27, 2006


I need to vent a little...

I do realize there have to be some basic rules for how to cite sources, and quote sources, that's fine, that's not something I think is awful. In fact it's a good thing to have those rules! It's that there are changes in these things not neccessitated by say, technological changes like the Internet, or anything sane...

I also have come to a point of thinking the authors of style books are all a bunch of social parasites. Why in Gods name do we have MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, APA, ASA, and then what works doing reports in medically related courses is yet different!
The rules change every few years,yeah let's just milk this for all we can!

Bože moj dosta mije!

I know a lot of academic people who really are good, and probably pretty rigorous do read these humble pages, to see what one zeka thinks of things, I have a modest proposal...

Could there be a neat, uncomplicated, reasonable, uncluttered, LOGICAL international and cross disciplinary method of doing just the Works Cited, Sources, Biblography or What Ever It Finally Gets Called Page? Some sort of international summit?

Then could everyone who is in publishing or the internet please have for example an agreed upon, international easy way to show things like when the site book or pamphlet or whatever came to exist? For ease of quotation? And then not change it until there is a REAL reason to change ,like just for example, everyone gets chipped and doesn't need to go to school anymore?

Could there as well be some formatting and composing methods and conventions which are not so DAMNED user unfriendly? That remark is addressed to any internet designer types out there.

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