Monday, November 27, 2006


If you are not listening to NPR, this is must reading and listening..

Note what General Scales has to say on the subject of sergents

General Scales notes that 'sergents are the soul' 'the glue' of any army and that he is watching how the sergents do, whether they quit as soon as possible etc.
That happened with Vietnam, and to at least some extent with Korea. Note another thing, he says that a volunteer army or a drafted army have to both have sergents and either way, drafted or volunteer, if the sergents go, the army is toast.

No country that wants to defend it's own soil can afford to lose the experienced NCOs. Soldiers are a valuable human resource. I am not here speaking as an anti-war person. I am an anti-stupid war person. I am not against a nation defending it's own soil. I am not aainst humanitarian interventions that have a chance of success.
Micheal Moore pointed out something we need to pay attention t
O.K. Saddam is a bad guy, so where were the suicide bombers then? I mean d'uh, if you care enough to kill yourself taking someone out than fear is not the issue. So why no suicide bombers for him? Why only for the Americans or people percieved as allies of the Americans by the suicide bombers? I don't think even one more American should have to die in that war,certainly not our best soldiers,Hell not even our worst soldiers should have to die there.

And sorry I am laughing my dupa off to have heard that Mehmet Ali Agca wants out for a day to meet with Pope Benedict.... oh the's killing me! This was also on NPR. Many Turks remember Pope John Paul II fondly, because he was able to relate well with Muslims. But then Pope John Paul II was never himself in charge of the Inquisition.

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