Sunday, April 11, 2010


A long day...

So the day was spent with the owner of our rooming house here, checking out stuff he wanted to donate to charity, he had friends helping him with this. I was running all around, lending my flash light, doing my eye drops, clueing the rest of the Dungeon Dwellers to lie low because the owner was in a snit. Getting a call from the lady I used to rent from, and then later sorting through rejected stuff, and scoring some Geographics and some cookie tins to put stuff in.

One was big enough to put all my assorted personal care products in, so they aren't all over the place. The other is holding my coffee service and so forth. helps my room look a tad neater, and I like my room neat. Then I rested and ate again. I got pretty hungry today.

My friend who is also the manager made a huge lunch, and I made coffee, which people liked. I had to improvise by putting it in the tea kettle. There is no insulated carafe for coffee here.. I plan on checking the thrift stores for one that is not too un-Godly ugly and reasonably priced. I am tired I can tell you.

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