Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Eye situation so far:

My distance vision is not bad, I can read and type on a normal computer or even my netbook with my El Cheepo readers pretty well, but newspapers and books are quite another story! I can't do anything but large print books with my right eye. and I can't just close it and read like I used to with my weaker one, bad stuff happens, like feeling nauseous and dizzy, so no more pencils no more books... well at least until I get my glasses. That is about another couple weeks away, they don't do that until you are fully healed and I am not. Oh well, there is still plenty to watch on T.V.

Which leads to another question... I was watching History International's series on Russia,'Russia Land of the Tsars' and I wondered what they did with Rurik who founded Russia in the first place? Somehow I did not see this ancient war lord mentioned at all... They did have a lot I did not know about the original Ivan the Terrible however, and yes, he was pretty terrible....

Patience. I hope the glasses do the trick.
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