Thursday, April 22, 2010


Why I seldom use the accesibility tools....

Right, today walked out of the house without my cheep reeders from the $1.00 Store, so now I have a real problem, I can see far away stuff pretty nicely, but I can't do close range stuff with my fixed eye and my un-fixed one, is really pretty bad. Changing eyes tends to blur my vision momentarily. So anyway, it is a pain in the dupa. It is a beautiful day in the Yakima Gulag, yesterday was lovely as well. Heard from my doctor as in directly from my doctor but missed the call and got back to him too late na zalost to know what is going on. He is in today, I called but he was with a patient. So here I am. I left a message to go ahead and get with me at noon if he would could please. I have another appointment. The phone has to be off until I am done.

Very Un-Balkans related note, check out this month's Utne Reader, very good, it is always pretty good but this one is unusually good.

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