Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The Blog Burgler, or breaking into one's own website...

The stupid content filtering thingie has been at it again. I had half a day of normal ability to access my blog normally, and now I have to be ever cleverer in bypassing the thing. I bet I could access truly offensive material without receiving the access denied thing blocking my way back in.

This time I believe an innocent UNICEF ad by Google did it for me. I do not know how to turn off Google AdSense, it is really stupid for me to even bother having ads, never earned a penny from them anyway. I have read and re-read their tutorial to find out. Can't figure it out. The ad was in Japanese and it made the content filter go kuku as usual. Whoever set that sleezy content filter up made it not like any of the squiggly languages. Probably they are a lot of bigots on top of everything else. . .

I heard a mess of sirens going by so I tried to find out what has been going on. Pulled up Yakima Live Scanner and still don't know why so many sirens. Did hear aout a possibly lost kid, and some other things which should not have accounted for such a lot of sirens, like no gang fight, no big fire i.t.d.

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