Sunday, April 25, 2010


Who knew....

I found out that the Yakima Gulag was essentially founded by a con man, who designed the main streets to look like Baden Baden, his home town, and that the other key man to the founding of the Yakima Gulag died in an insane asylum . I justd those happy endings! :)

A soon to retire teacher is also researching the Chinese tunnels in Yakima. I had not realized Yakima had that many Chinese who needed the refuge of these tunnels. Weirdly enough I watched a show on such tunnels recently. Anyway, I really enjoyed the outing, the food was good, can't complain.

While finding this unknown history of our Gulag out, I and a friend enjoyed a lovely pot-luck dinner and met some nice new people, the local Historical Society.

New stuff has been done to the museum and it was a lot of fun going. Even the gift shop is better than ever.

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