Monday, April 05, 2010


April 2 Snow

April 2 Snow
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
I am posting this photo of the snow we got on 2 April 2010 in the Yakima Gulag, even though it is not snowing today, because stupid, evil Dans Guardian interfered again with my website. I have to say a sleezy bunch of content filters I can't remove really are disgusting. I feel like they are no better than a bunch of hackers. They are there without my consent, and mess with my stuff without my consent.
I notice the problem is always worse when people send me stuff in languages like Chinese and Japanese. I do not ever keep such comments. If I can't read the comment, it is not getting in. If I decide it is any sort of nonsense it is not getting in. But if it is in comments like over night un-moderated, then it messes with my site.
I hate those sleezy oily greasy faceless ... you know whats... can't say the word here, might mess me up yet more.

Besides if I get angry enough it might mess up my eye. Could I possible sue them? Really hard since they are hiding their nefariousness behind no e-mail that works, no physical address, no phone number no nothing where I could contact a human being and maybe make them stop it in some way.

Anyway, one of my better snow pictures even if I say so myself.

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