Monday, April 05, 2010


Persons who wish to advertise here will not

be allowed to comment on this blog, they will be rejected so don't bother... I do not care about your 'enhancement products' in fact I think there need to be products to make people chill out in that department. Ithink my redership knows how to find it’s own plane  tickets. I think my readership would rather not read any matierials not connected to the subjects of this blog, and I do not read Japanese or Chinese beyond like a couple characters. So I will not even read those comments. Any language I can’t read is not getting in here. I read English, Spanish Irish and Bosnian. Please keep your comments in one of those languages if you want in. Oh I am really bad at Cyrillic too. So don’t even consider sending comments in that alphabet. Nothing personal, just really bad at it and don’t want to in error publish an offending comment.
I had a comment which was in reality a scam for airline tickets which was far longer than my average post, even a major lynx dump including maybe an opinion or  two.

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