Saturday, April 24, 2010


A mixed bag of lynx:

Fascinating article on Turks in the Balkans;

No one can deny the strong Turkish influence in all aspects of Balkans culture, even among non-Muslim population groups.

The decision to free the extreme football fans who threatened the lives of journalists in Serbia came as a shock, (but not necessarily a surprise:

Warning this is an Iranian site, but it is of interest if you are American:

Two former policemen get 31 years for war crimes:

warning this is an Iranian site.

Funerals held for 34 Muslim villagers in BiH

The ways people make a living...well back in the day you had to have a permit to plant various things, I know because the former S.O. had papers that dated back to the 1970s which were permits to plant various items. The bad part is that diseased plants will cross borders at some point.

Seed smuggling big business:

Definitely the job is not finished in the Balkans:

Not so long as this sort of thing is going on:

and some really special corruption:

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