Friday, April 16, 2010


Thunder storms locally maybe

In Europe they have the massive volcanic ash cloud, and as someone who spent time near a big fat busy volcano, I am impressed! I mean right now I am so awful d*** glad NOT to be flying anyplace. I did wonder if President Obama actually can make it to the funeral of the president of Poland or not, now Polish airspace is closed.

Locally, later I am going in to be checked out as to how well I am healing. Probably I am going to be fitted with glasses. Hopefully I will have an easier time with this blog and other aspects of my daily existance. I woke up way early and starved hungry. I don't like going to the kitchen to fix something because I don't want to risk waking up the guys. It is my own fault for only eating jello and a nutritional drink for dinner. I had an absolutely HUGE pile of jello. It wasn't bad. I usually only eat jello if I am actually ill which I am not. There was a lot left over from the weekend.

It has gotten very spring like here in the Yakima Gulag, I had to rescue a cute little black and white spider, I am sure was a male. He was missing a couple legs. Sure sign he'd been out on a hot date and forgotten the chocolates or a bottle of wine or a nice fat fly.

We could have thunder later. I will have had my eyes dialated so who knows how much I will feel like coming back online later...

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