Wednesday, April 07, 2010


A man in Selah threatened Senator Murray

What is going on with people here, don't they know threatening someone like a Senator is a bad idea? The guy was 64 years old and angry about the new health care bill. Some facets of the same bill donn't thrill me either! I wanted single payer health care! I have not called anyone to threaten them, or even done so in my blog or anything, and I was fairly disappointed at first. Now I am in a position of realizing it may just not be possible to do better in the U.S. until we get over having futile wars and wake up to the fact our own country needs a bit of repair. I don't mind the pittiance we spend on foreign aid, it is what 1% of our national budget. We should just get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Both wars were mismanaged from the start so badly I don't think President Obama can fix that at all.

We need a huge repair of our infrastructure, we need our roads fixed, we need our electric system fixed, and actually with a depressed economy this is a cheap time to do it. Besides we need to put people to work doing something other than killing people. Seems like military service is the ONLY job sometimes.

Meanwhile at the risk of practicing psychiatry with out a license I think this old bird in Selah needs a nice mood stabilizer, and maybe some anti depressants, and some sort of help aside from that. I mean maybe the guy is not fit to own a telephone, he calls in the threat from his own phone.


Well today I am taking it easy. I had a busy day yesterday.

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