Monday, April 30, 2007


Monday, and it feels like one but it's not fact it's kind of therapuetic


For anyone who may wonder in what esteem Croats held him, here's what was in Slobodna Dalmacija:


And of course he was on the front page too...

Croatia mourns death of former Prime Minister Ivica Racan

German Foreign Minister Warns against a New Cold War,1518,480246,00.html

Of course by now you've seen the pictures of the accident that melted the freeway in Oakland, that was exciting, can't wait for the movie....

Here in the Yakima Gulag there is going to be a big march tomorrow. Your editor is going, if only because of the need to cover what is sure to be a big event in the Yakima Gulag.

Trying to reach the guy that does lawns. I may have to have someone else do it if I can't reach him.

Anyway I left my number in his pager so he can call me back, his voice mailbox is full again, he needs to fix that! :).

My first 'talk show' is available at the Blogtalk archives. you can just click on the link in my post about it or find the TEENY TINY ITTY BITTY LINK in the side. A first show is terrifying actually. I could not remember how to access the music.

In a little bit I'm going and see my friend who came to visit during the show. I need to refill my phone card, that's the only expense involved. I think I'll reschedule the second show too.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Today's news

In Croatian only, but the gist of it is that kids in school in Croatia are having a rotten time. I had a rotten time at school myself. School can be pretty terrible, but there is no need for school to be terrible, it can be good, and kids can still learn.

Svaki treći 15-godišnjak zbog škole pati od teške depresije

In Croatian only also but DAMN! Maybe Croatia just isn't looking hard enough for either Mladić or Karadžić!

Srpski mafijaši za RH putovnicu daju 4000 eura

A very sad but informative article. Frankly I think it says a good bit about our resettlement methods here in America. On the one hand we are more open about resettlement for refugees than a great many other nations, on the other, we can do better and it would not be so costly to do it.
I am glad to see some degree of self help.

Bosnians in America

Račan has died. Taking that long inevitably means a lot of suffering for both patient and family.

Račan Dies of Cancer

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Good Morning Dear Readers!

Protest in Dobrich Bulgaria against Jehovah's Witnesses

anyway just what the Balkans needed, another religion, and a no fun one at that!

17% of Europeans use internet phone service

Krajisnik gets 27 years for war crimes

From IWPR, Tudjman videotapes, Bratunac protest

there was an earthquake in England, in Kent, and it wasn't a heavy earthquake, not by the standards of someone who has lived in California, but it was rather

Immigrants decry 'money laundering rules'

Tobias case: He claims only having had massages, no sex. There IS such a thing as a licensed massage therapist! That's who you call, not the escort service! ooooj some people!

Friday, April 27, 2007


I've always wanted my own talk show...

blog radio

So here at last a dream come true...

C'mon it'll be'll laugh you'll cry, it'll change your life!

Seriously, way to get with the 20th Century!


And from Neretva Observer...

Amazing Weirdness from the E.U.

Croatia not doing enough to find Mladić

Well maybe a modest pension in Cavtat, maybe a quiet beach front village, where he can go out for some nude sunbathing, or perhaps even a little mean maybe if he watches his accent....
Maybe Croatia is an EXCELLENT hiding place, maybe it's the best possible hiding place....

My brain hurts, my hair hurts.....


Još jedna skandal


YES There is a God!

Tenet Rips Cheney

And that's not to mention the financial scandals in Congress, involving Republicans...


Bees at Work

Bees at Work
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
Here is a bee doing her job in my yard. My yard simply was buzzing with bees happily doing their jobs.


Sunny today

Franjo Tudjman


Croatia ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Travel Article

Medic's mercy mission to Serbia

Threats Dog Serbian Justice System

Yesterday I stomped all the boxes that are not useable anymore, that means my kitchen is a bit more roomy. Today I have to throw out odds and ends. I hope I'll be able to arrange the first of the things to go to the shed this weekend. I am not sure about that though. It depends on a few other factors. I am really getting fed up with minor wrenches in the works. I found some fabric treatments spray I can use on my luggage, so probably I should do that today.
I was hanging with some neighbors for a bit yesterday, and they gave me a soda. A little honey bee came to investigate, and I kicked myself for not having my camera handy. She was really cute, and brought a friend of hers to check things out. My friend's kids were there, and were interested to note that I put some paper on top of the soda cans that people had set down. I wanted to make sure the bees didn't go inside them, because they might have drowned in there. Anyway, soda isn't all that good for bees.
One of the kids was 'you must really care about animals' and I said 'Do you have any idea how important a little thing like a bee is?'
So I explained it, and how we should not allow harm to them. Being little boys they were not afraid of the bees. They knew to stand still and let the bee go away.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


The birds are singing, the sun is shining.

Mladić, Karadžić Will Never Be Caught

FEATURE-Kosovo offers UN envoys macabre misery tour

International Children's Day


and Fascinating Fact #3165, I beat everyone on my blog roll in reporting about the kryptonite in Serbia, as well I beat the Mighty Metafilter in posting about it.

West Balkan nations to cooperate on organized crime and migration

Agim Ceku:Pristina will not undertake unilateral actions

"Danube Reached Absolute Minimum

Serbia to never recognize Albanian state on its territory - FM

Incidentally the threatening notes in the gulag syndrome continued on yesterday with a note left on a bathroom window in City Hall. This is an effective way to disguise handwriting, and have the note seen, and has been the standard way of delivering such messages. There is a high likelihood of being caught doing it, and this note was early in the morning meaning that it's possible it was left late in the previous day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A cool morning in the Yakima Gulag

Euro Transaction Fees Scandal

Includes an interesting chart on costs of property purchases.

Travel writing.

A walk in the past..

And I see this idiotic fashion has spread....
Four schools in Varna closed due to bomb threats

And from Russia, the terrible situation of children in orphanages.

Orphanages in Russia

Detailed Article on CCD

This article indicates that the bees have huge viral loads, I think it would behoove everyone to consider not having bees trucked all over the place. At very least, it would halt the spread of pathogens. Bees have been trucked around for a long time, and again, this problem is newer than the practice, leading me to think it's disease, more than stress.
Multiple diseases does suggest some form of immune disorder.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Media arrive

Media arrive
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
Taken from the front porch of a friend's apartment. There were security faces all over, local police, federal types, and the campus security. The media were there earlier because there is a park in front of the building in the foreground, a woman was picnicking in the park with a small child and the security asked her to leave. She refused and was interviewed by the news.


Closed sign

Closed sign
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
One of the closed signs around the perimeter of the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education.


Yakima Gulag People's Institute For Re:Education CLOSED for Today

Local news first. Last night on K.I.T. it was announced that Y.V.C.C. would be closed for today due to a 'credible threat'. I don't know who gave this 'credible threat' but I am really sick of the whole concept of people being able to shut down education and other important social functions by making these threats. The college is doing what it must given recent news. The threatener whoever he or she is, is disrupting things and deserves to be found and taken out of circulation. This sort of thing is what comes of letting people with dangerous mental instability loose with only some drugs and no one to talk with.

Threat of violence puts schools on edge

Today's Balkans news.


Bulgaria Working Day and Night to Prevent People Trafficking

9 Bulgarians Found in Macedonia

Kryptonite found in Serbia

Serbia: Lawyers for family of assassinated PM demand heavy prison terms

This story is more than a delayed bar mitzvah...

Holocaust survivor finally gets bar mitzvah

Monday, April 23, 2007


Yeltsin Dead

Yeltsin dead

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Bee Count

Saw the third bee of the year for me too, while I was out. A gentle little honey bee who was interested in my shirt and then perhaps my jewelry. She soon realized it wasn't what she was looking for and flew away, I could not reach for my camera but I had a good view of her wings and legs. Pretty little thing.



Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
Still trying to figure out what rated the high level attention of four police cars on our block, I am assuming it was something next door, but who knows? Have to get a paper tomorrow and find out..


Sarah from the YHR

Sarah from the YHR
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
Monthly peace action had media coverage from this young lady. She does beautiful work, and everyone agrees she's going places, a very nice young person'!


Still Life With Baklava and Coffee

Still Life With Baklava and Coffee
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
While I was out yesterday a friend and I had baklava and coffee at Essencia Bakery which is downtown, in the Yakima Gulag. You have to time your arrival carefully as the Great and Powerful of our gulag like to meet there for their morning coffee...
Every so often they have baklava and they don't fool around with it! :)
I was sad to notice my friend Daniel de Siga's art gallery closed.
He did a marvelous series of paintings called 'Alien Invasion' where tortillas and sometimes jalapenos and chilies were the legs of the strange flying saucers. He'll be missed, I hope all he's done is move. He doesn't deserve to fail. He's a nice man and a good artist.

El Sarape

Daniel de Siga



5 Babies Die in Sarajevo Orphanage Fire

This is very sad news. Fire is an awful way to go for anyone.

Bulgarian Star at Balkan Fever Jazz Festival

Note also the 'support ribbon' thing has definatly shown up in Bulgaria, there is a ribbon out there for the nurses.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Saturday Morning


This story really is a sad one, to lose one's archaeological heritage that way is really a shame.

Croatian Cultural Presence in U.S.

Article about the heroic professor in the VTech tragedy,2542,TCP_1155_5495801,00.html

Captain Dragain Fears

I think this is ridiculous!

Srebenica Special Status Demands Stepped Up

Personal: Today I have the traditional first blisters of the season on my left hand. YES I wear gloves when I go out to scythe, but I have really tender hands, and they are small besides. I went out and knocked down just the big weeds, so that they don't get big enough to hide a tiger, or a bear, or wolves. You know how it is when you put water on this land, wait, you don't know. The Yakima Gulag was originally what is called 'hight desert', rather arid. full of sage, and grasses. Well if you water it, that turns into rank huge weeds, and Siberian Commie Elms from Hell.

Well, that's more interesting than saying, I'm doing this to avoid Nasty-Grams from the opstina, or the neighbors.

I wouldn't mind so much if the bandaids would stay on, but it was necessary to duct tape them on. I got extra sticky bandaids too, but it's hard to stick stuff to my skin for whatever reason. I'm sure when I go to the monthly peace picket later, I'll have inquiries about how come I have duct tape holding me together.

I could just say it's some sort of political statement, but that's not true. Just trying to make up for badly made bandaids.

P.S. go look at this picture! Why can't our stores have outfits like this? O.K. the mannequin is a little too pouty looking for me, but aside from that, with a normal facial expression, on a normal girl or woman this is a really cool outfit.
Turquoise Outfit

Domain Name
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72.10.62.# (Media Temple)
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City : Santa Monica
Lat/Long : 34.016, -118.4925 (Map)
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@Micheal M. (The Glory of Carniola, which remains off the air, not on the net i.t.d.) It looks like Media Temple would rather see what some zeka has to say about your situation than to actually have fixed it!


Friday, April 20, 2007


Good Morning Comrade Zeks

New Mass Grave of Kosovo War Victims Found in Serbia

Heroic Professor Buried in Israel

This is a sad loss, the man was a real hero. I feel bad for this good man's family to have lost him.

Ethnic Albanian Leader Arrested by U.N. Police in Kosovo

Wahabbi Leader Killed in Clash With Police in Serbia

Sandzak seems to be a bit more on the edge. I don't care for this incident all around.

U.N. delays trial of 3 Croat Generals\ACQDJON200704201205DOWJONESDJONLINE000806.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Bosnian Serb Gets 15 Years for War Crimes

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Sorry for being hella late today...I can explain*

U.S. to co-sponsor Kosovo resolution in U.N. Security Council

Bank of Moscow Thinks of Buying Serbian Bank

Janica to retire

Looks like The Glory of Carniola

is off the air until he can find a new host. The old host was buggering him silly and that's not cool.

*I had a fairly important errand to run and was delayed a little in taking care of it. I was not in a mood to call a friend for a rid, I wanted to go alone places. It was all good! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Try not to be bothered by the jiggling boobies ....

First D&D Con in Iraq

I have wondered for years what would happen when the D&D generation reached military age, and now I guess we know.....

Please send these guys some appropriate dice if you can spare them...

The graph paper shortage is a serious matter too. I know these games use TONS of graph paper...
now lead figures that is an odd shortage, well maybe it's not such an odd shortage...


Cold but sunny today in the Yakima Gulag

In Croatian only, but the gist of it is that the 'mafija' are threatening Slobodna Dalmacija as a publication, due to their reporting on crime and issues related to crime in the region, speifically in Split.

Slobodna’ pod opsadom
zbog prijetnji splitskih mafijaša


Religion is Back in Albania,1,5936204.story?coll=chi-religion-topheadlines&ctrack=1&cset=true

My favorite part of this article 'State Committee on Cults' is the actual name of the office which administers religious matters in Albania! I can't begin to tell you how hilarious that is to me!

It is also quite true that Albanians of all faiths were more discreet with religious symbols, the discretion on this subject long predates the United States of America's 'Separation of Church and State' For more information on this, see a book called 'High Albania' it's by Edith Durham and is available completely free on the Internet.

I think another thing, that is that extremism isn't limited to Muslims, dangerous extremists also exist in Christianity and the sooner this is frankly discussed, the better. Christians can not in good conscience expect this frank discussion of extremist elements in Islam without facing the same questions within Christianity.

Bonus Link

Brothel Boss Threatens to Out Serbian Politicians

The Price of Speaking Out in Serbia,8599,1611396,00.html?xid=rss-world

Former Top Croatian Official Arrested Under War Crime Charges

Russia sternly warns US not to push through Kosovo independence plan

Well I have a new slogan for America, 'If you love your country love your scythe!'

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A nice sunny day in the Yakima Gulag

Drunken Bosnian Steals City Bus

Protest Camp

Romanian Police Blamed for Kosovo Riot Deaths

Monday, April 16, 2007

Today is Holocaust Day, and normally this is marked in most of the Balkans countries.

Genocide remains an issue in our world despite the words 'Never Again!' Instead as one person has said, 'It's more like 'Again and again!'

In the U.S. at Virginia Tech, there has been a serious school shooting, a guy killed 21 and wounded something like 21 people. There are a lot of rumors, I won't go over all the rumors, I'll only mention one of them. The shooter was killed too. So probably his real reasons will never be known. One rumor is he was looking for an estranged girlfriend. I don't know if this is so.
I'm disgusted when people do things like this.

Bosnia Jails Serb for Rape as a War Crime

I'm not happy with the mitigating circumstances part of this case. I think there needs to be some education on the nature of rape as distinct from other assaults on human dignity. I wonder if the decision would have been the same if the case had say involved two males?

Macedonia leader 'watched attack'

Two Bosnian Muslim War Crimes Suspects Arrested\ACQDJON200704160951DOWJONESDJONLINE000340.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

On a personal note, I've decided my current luggage is mostly not up for the journey, in repacking the big suitcase I realized that it had places the stitching was coming out, and there's a broken zipper on one bag, despite it's not having been over packed, and the other one the zipper is merely wonky, which could impede inspections, so I decided that the time has come to get decent new bags. I think it would be intelligent since my stuff is going to take a long trip, and I don't want things like broken luggage to be a problem. That's no fun! :) Oh it might be hilarious in the movies, but not in real life.
Anyway, dear readers have a lovely day, or night as the case may be.


Joe Bob says 'Check it Out!, this could not wait for normal business hours

Bill Moyers on Iraq

Sunday, April 15, 2007


A beautiful sunny day, even if it is cold right now

Remains of Missing American Airman Identified affter63 Years

Australian Serbs Raise Funds for Captain Dragan,20867,21563669-29277,00.html

IWPR stories

Families seek justice in U.N. trial on Macedonia war crimes case

Not directly related to the Balkans but of general interest...

Book by Pope Benedict Out

"Faced with the abuses of economic power, faced with the cruelty of capitalism that downgrades man to a commodity, we have begun to see more clearly the dangers of wealth and understand in a new way what Jesus meant when he warned against wealth," the pope wrote.

I can't argue with that...I've felt that it's very wrong to treat humans or even animals and plants just as a commodity. The treatment of life as a commodity is the fault at the heart of Capitalism, Communism, and Fascism. All three do this, Capitalism as pure commodity, communism as practiced, despite Marx's views, as 'working units' and fascism doesn't even give humans the treatment worthy of an animal or a plant.

Two men detained over women trafficking at Danube Bridge-Giurgiu border checkpoint

Could Cell Phones Be Killing Bees?

Personally I think this theory is a bit out there, yes I know bees behave differently around power-lines, for that matter it's known that a power-line affects humans as well and strange things happen around them, some of these strange things I have personally observed. Still I think it's a bit of a reach to say that cell phones are doing anything to bees. For one thing cell phones have been in general use for a VERY long time, better than 10 years. CCD is a much newer problem, within the last four years. I'm not saying this theory is impossible, just that I think it's got to be proven. They could run an experiment, I mean how expensive are a few cell phones and a few hives of bees to find out once and for all?

Personal note, yesterday a couple friends came by, to pick up an old immigrant trunk I gave them, I paid $30 for it when I first lived here, and really liked having it, it was so cheap because there's a broken place on it, and even charging what I paid for it really wasn't quite fair, so I felt it was better to just give it to a friend who would like it. My friend paints and this will be a great place to put her art supplies. While they were here, we had a glass of mead together and I saw the first honey bee of the year. This was around 4pm. I had been in a bad mood about things but seeing that little bee cheered me up. My friend is allergic to bees, but remained calm the bee was more interested in me anyway, I happened to be wearing blue, pretty much head to foot. She was probably interested in the mead more than us anyway, but was very docile and didn't go after it aggressively or anything. and later I got better news about my shipping problem, which I already posted about.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Well, some good news on a personal front...

I've shared my bad news with my dear readers here and there, so it behooves me to share GOOD news for a change...

I got a very decent bid from XSBaggage for luggage forwarding, it's not cheap, it's not free, but it is reasonable, and it sure was a price that beat the HELL out of over 2 grand from one place I checked into! I was given a quote a little over $700. As I said, not cheap, not free, but certainly reasonable.
I feel a LOT better as a result.


Rainy saturday.

Grenade explodes outside journalists home

Just to point this out, this is an act of terror, and it probably wasn't committed by any Bosniak or Croat, or Albanian.

From joy to nightmare,22884,21559321-3462,00.html

I feel bad for this poor couple. It's not right how they are being treated!

Not Balkans related, but of interest.

Iraqi Refugees in Sweden

General Rose calls for impeachment of Tony Blair

Macedonian family claims '300' score,23599,21555169-38200,00.html

I've heard Sareivski in recordings and he was really great as a singer and a writer.

On a personal note, I slept rather late today. I still haven't heard from the guys about some hauling. I'm far likelier to hire people I actually know, because usually it's a bit cheaper, I know the work will be done as I ask, that sort of thing. One positive thing, a person from replied to an e-mail I sent asking for a rough idea about what luggage forwarding with his firm would cost. I was really appreciative that he replied. It may still be beyond my means, but at least they've done me the courtesy of replying promptly and on a weekend no less! :) That raises them considerably in my estimation. I suppose I need to get a damn sense of perspective too. Mailing stuff isn't cheap either, and this is the one option I see as open to me at all. If the house sells quickly, I won't mind the price. I did lay all my information out for the guy so he doesn't feel rushed, but let's put it this way, I appreciate the quick response again, especially on a weekend!

On another personal note, a sad one, a friend of mine from Sarajevo is in hospital now in in Dubrovnik. She has been now for over a week, it's like 15 days at this point. I don't know all that's wrong with her health-wise, but it's serious, she's an older person. I can imagine her husband is very distressed too. He can barely cook for himself. He's not like my S.O. who is a super cook. He can't even fry an egg.
I was married to someone from India and in the Indian culture, men learn to cook, their mothers teach them for a few reasons. Among Hindus women don't cook during a certain time of month. With Muslims, there may be a long time before a man can afford to marry, and a guy's mother teaches him to cook so that if he has to work abroad or there is a long time he isn't able to marry, he at least can cook for himself. My ex wasn't a very good cook, but he was capable of finding his way around the kitchen. He taught me some of the basics of Indian cooking and I got to be very good at it.
I think men should know something about cooking, and women should know some basic repairs. I raised my kids both to do some of each because my theory was some people get married just to have the skills of their partner available. That alone isn't a good reason to marry, but you'd be surprised.

I have the radio on blasting Run Rig, Run Rig is sort of Scottish Turbofolk, I love them. The guys and I used to cruise the Haight and put their stuff or the Cheiftains or the Wolftones on REAL LOUD! just to see the heads turn because it wasn't rap and it wasn't always in English.

Official Run Rig site

in case you are interested...


Stop Illegal Spying

Stop Illegal Spying

This is going to be a new link to my site.
If you live in the United States of America, or are American living elsewhere please consider visiting this site and sending email to your elected representatives. I reviewed the e-mail one would send, it's a good communication, it says it all, in a comprehensive and respectful manner.

While I realize terror has changed a lot in our world, there are lines that have been crossed. I'm already in a very cross mood about how it's ruined travel. I've been researching luggage forwarding, so I can have a few things I like to have around, and that has been an exercise in real frustration, it's really an expensive proposition, and the paperwork is disgusting and annoying.

As things stand, I can't get just what I want into my carry on bag. There are things I must have, documents and such, then there's the matter of clothes. On other trips I've ended up wearing like three or four skirts just to save room in my carry-on. I resent the skimpy allowance on those things. It's bad enough the three ounces of whatever deal. Extremely small weight allowances for carry-ons are not good.

There's been more about the bee situation, and it's really very puzzling. Apparently there hasn't been hive collapse in Australia, but the Australian bees that were imported to California have all died. They were imported with the hope that the Australian bees had immunity. Wierder and weirder.

Friday, April 13, 2007


A rainy spring day..

Another guy who should be careful about the sushi...

Europe's top security organization cites shortcomings in administrative justice in Kosovo

This story was up in Bosnian only over at Boš Not EVERY song of Thompson's is concerned with killing of non-Croats, but he has the extremely nasty bit about Jasenovac and a lot of people don't care for this song. Frankly it's disgusting. I'm speaking as a person who likes other work of his. I find myself feeling too divided to enjoy his work as much, and I remember his first big hit, and liking it. There is however a HUGE contrast between the ethos of 'Prijatelji' and that icky, disgusting performance about Jasenovac. I really wish the most antagonistic song of Thompson was 'Čavoglava' One could see in it an expression of what it was like in the time of the war, and in 'Prijatelji' there was something about the time after the war, and even in the video one could see that there was some sorrow about the fact that there is so much war that people expect it, t hat every boy expects when he's a man, to have his time to be at war. I can go there, every people has such songs. Jasenovac is different though, it's not about anything defensible, it's not about defending one's own people against great odds, which EVERY people respects and honors, it's not about the beauty of one's own people like 'Moj Ivane' and let's be honest, artists among the Muslims and Serbs have songs similar to those songs, so they should not be offended with that, and probably aren't deeply offended. Again the Jasenovac song is different.
Sarajevo is a city that can't afford interethnic clash, and the Croats are enough of a minority that there has to be a smarter way of expressing pride in being Croat, and a smarter way of getting people to come to the concert and spend their money than having a guy who offends so many of their neighbors.

EU Initials Visa Deal With 3 Western Balkan Countries\ACQDJON200704130939DOWJONESDJONLINE000599.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Bosnia court jails 2 Croats for war crimes

Survivors of War Crime Outraged at Verdicts

And they should be outraged really. War crimes don't just affect the many dead and their survivors, they leave a sort of 'disturbance in The Force' history is altered in unpredictiable ways. There is a good chance there would not be a State of Israel if there had been no genocide against the Jews in Europe, or if a State of Israel had come into being it would have been in a different form and that there would not have been wars as a result.

We have yet to see the final result of the persecutions of Bosnian Muslims, and Bosnian Croats. On the basis of my understanding and knowlege of history, a mostly non-academic approach, I do not predict good things. How this half assed verdict was handled isn't good at all, not for the victims and most dangerously of all, not for the perpetrators. Sometimes it is not good to spare people who have done wrong.

Sarajevo as a weekend trip

Those of you who remember war coverage 'Back in the Day' remember how good Martin Bell's work was. He got interviews no one else got and went places no one else did.

Quote from the article 'As Sarajevans proudly repeat, nowhere else is there a mosque, an Orthodox church, a synagogue and a Catholic cathedral all cheek by jowl.'

That's quite true, people are proud of this, and it is remarkable. I had not heard the phrase 'Jerusalem of the West' used to describe Sarajevo by my first trip. But I realized that it must be a good bit like going there, I flashed on that hearing church bells and the azan at the same time Christmas morning that the only thing more out there would be Christmas in Jerusalem. It was a very special experience.

This morning I was awakened by a lot of birds, I love hearing birds when I wake up. Much nicer than gas fueled lawn-mowers or weedwhackers.

I promise, I'm NOT making fun of Northern Europeans here

I wasn't going to say anything about the Imus show or how he crashed and burned, but the local radio station which VERY seldom takes my calls, had people on remarking about it. Some person called and started in about "I don't see where we have the right not to be offended" I am going to remember that line the next time some ignorant hick ignoramus makes remarks about either my skirt length or the fact I wear a scarf.
Actually, when someone goes on the air, they do need to consider their audience, because there are lines no one wants crossed in their living room.
I must leave the local station on to know about things like the lock down at the high school, flooding, wind storms, approaching bad weather fronts, and general news, and I don't like the level of right wing propaganda I have to put up with to have that service. At least it wasn't at the level of Imus.
The way I see it is that if they are going to force me into a certain mould to have a job, and they do and can legally even if it's WRONG, then I get to raise Hell about the shit I'm forced to listen to. It's like having your ears raped on a regular basis.
Imus should not have said what he said. It doesn't contribute to civility. I'm sorry Sharpton and Jackson didn't get nailed similarly, I don't like them either.
Radio is a fine balance between the offensive and the opportunity to air commercials.
I learned that many of the corporate entities who withdrew advertising now have Black CEOs. Back in the 1960s there wasn't the economic power in the Black community to bring down a guy who said what Imus said.

We don't have any right in America to say anything about what is on the radio elsewhere if we can't clean up our own acts.
Locally the main and oldest station is quite unbalanced politically. It always has been. Still they dumped Mike Savage, in a very quiet way, and replaced him with Jeff Beck, also right wing, also a bit of a 'shock jock' but he's not always making the sorts of remarks Mike Savage did that made me want to sharpen up all the edged tools in the house from the paring knife to the scythe.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Great American Novelist Kurt Vonnegut Dies

Kurt Vonnegut, the great German-American novelist died yesterday of complications from a fall in his home. Basically he suffered brain damage.

He wrote Slaughterhouse Five, one of the most scathing and marvelous novels about war of all time. It was based on his experiences as a prisoner of war who survived the firebombing of Dresden.

Favorite quotes, from Slaughterhouse Five: 'The nice thing about war is everybody gets a little something'

He was a very great man, and it's a sad thing to lose him, not just for his family but for his country.

My computer is up to some interesting tricks this morning. I will be back in a bit I hope with some other news.

Other News:

Some Grants of Bosnian Citizenship Withdrawn

A few others were deemed to have been legally correct. BiH is trying to kick out extremists who entered the country during the war, to take advantage of the situation in BiH.

Captain Dragan to be sent to Croatia for trial

Fifth Bosnian Contingent Departs for Iraq

Racan dies at 63

This is totally a Mind Improvement story! Also very Borat!

17 year old Serbian tries to enter Hungary in a suitcase

Finns want to deport a 71 year old Kosovo Albanian woman

She's partially paralized, and the situation for older people isn't good there at all, no functioning system of care and no relatives. I'm glad my mother isn't alive, her one avowed predjudice was toward Finns! She'd have had a field day with this story! Me personally, I have nothing against Finns, I have even had Finnish-American friends.

And this little story would have really added fuel to the fire

This story was good for some chuckles too, another Mind Improvement story that Borat would like too! :)

Police Sieze Horse

also eisweb on youTube has a new seris of videos, not that new, they were uploaded in March, I've been too busy with my own stuff to look anyway it's about Kosovo, so I'm sure many of my readers will want to see it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


UnF****** Acceptable!

Policeman Beats Crap out of Sikh Gulf War Vetran

This was racism and unreasonableness and I wonder if this cop is on meth or WHAT THE F***?

The Sikh guy is a good American, he was awarded the Bronze Star for his part in the first Gulf War, a little respect PLEASE!


News and an old idea that needs to be tried ...

INTERVIEW-Bosnia's Serbs must not tie status to Kosovo

Or at least shouldn't....because it's not only a bad idea for Bosnia-Hercegovina, it's potentially a destructive idea for Bosnian Serbs.

Serbian government: Senior Chinese, Russian officials to visit as part of Kosovo diplomacy

Health problems force Croatian opposition leader Racan to step down

Sorry this is just messed up! Romania has a lot of people, they should be training their own people to work in Romania, as it is now a lot of Romanians leave for other places. There should not even BE a labour shortage in Romania!

Incidentally, the Chinese rate Romania as better than China, not just in terms of pay. The owner of this factory would do well to pick up 'The Life of Robert Owen' and learn how to manage a business in the textile field under adverse circumstances and have all the local workers he needs.

Information on Robert Owen, for those of you who haven't heard of him, which is probably most of you. Robert Owen is one of my heros. I know it is an initially expensive approach, but it's better for the future of a country if the industrialists would operate this way and it is doable. It's not like we are talking about a poor person following this example. Many oligarchs must use a lot of money to guard themselves, instead they could use some of that money to follow Robert Owen's example and be heroes instead of being despised.

Poverty relief in the Balkans and other lands can be attacked at the industrial level this way, and at the micro-economic level by means of micro-lending. It needs to be done before alcholism, other addictions, AIDS and other diseases, and emigration ruin what's left of the people forever.

Article on Robert Owen

Those of you who don't know Scottish history, and the context of Robert Owen's era may not realize that Scotland was recovering from the Jacobite Wars, and was a very messed up place at that era. It was a lousy place to invest for many of the same reasons the Balkans nations are now. Robert Owen had the courage to do things the right way. I wish people whom God has blessed with good fortune, (or the Devil has led to steal good fortune), NOW would have similar courage.

Nothing against the Chinese, I have a lot of respect for Chinese people, but there is no future for the Balkans and it's people if this trend continues.

Romania, a Poor Land, Imports Poorer Workers

Key Serbian politician calls top leaders 'irresponsible' in stalling government formation

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Tiger on the Job

Tiger on the Job
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
Yesterday I had sad news, poor Tiger has passed away. He was a great cat, a cat with a very noble character, he was smart, friendly and cute. I was very sad to hear of his passing. He was an asset to Cheshire Books and I know that Walt, the owner of the bookstore was sorry to lose him, Walt cared for his friend Tiger devotedly for years.


While we're at it, credit where credit is due....

Scorpions get jail

I think all of us know this sentence, indeed ANY sentence would not have been possible some years ago. Some still probably ought to go before the Hague Tribunal.

Montenegro would recognize an indepependent Kosovo

Kosovo: Albanian Lobby Urges Independence

Monday, April 09, 2007


Credit where credit is due!

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Here is a moment when despite other discontents with the current Administration, I must give it some credit for doing the right thing...

Meshket Turks Coming to America

Here b.t.w. is the film, about midway through is where the incident involving the Meshket Turks and the Cossacks is about in the middle of the film.

The Death of a Nation

I think a lot of the hostility in Russia toward various groups which happen to be Muslim is again from the long wholesale desertion of Christian ideals, it's a form of guilt based racism, and it's not an attractive national trait. It makes me feel shame as a person of partly Russian heritage to see that situation.
I feel bad to see a nation my ancestors build from NOTHING be torn apart from inside, to be worse off, financially, spiritually and morally than under either Communism or the Czars, and to resort to disgusting forms of oppression without the excuse of outside invaders.
I have to say that many things I saw were worse than anything I encountered in BiH, or even in Mexico.
I feel sad that Russia can't even fake it any more, what it took to make a Potemkin Village, the knowlege of what a great nation ought to be is gone.

While I'm busy giving credit where it is due, I was glad that Putin put the noxious oligarch that tried to destroy the whole village, that sic'ed the anti terrorist squad on old people and children, and who hypocritically built a beautiful church as if that is Christianity, I was grateful that Putin knocked the stuffings out of that bastard. I am not a fan of his, I have made my share of jokes about 'beware of the sushi!' but I have to give credit where it is due, even if it was done the wrong way, some of it was for the right reasons.
Now if we could talk him into finding more tasteful body guards than those disgusting Cossacks, or just DO something about thenm... but I think that's too much to expect.

Now the author of this article would do well to get rid of his 'BE GRATEFUL DAMN YOU!' tone. It's not helpful to anything he has to say.
I think it's good that our country is taking these people in, I hope they will prosper and will add to our country.


English Mead Liquer

English Mead Liquer
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
This is the bottle of mead liquer I posted about earlier, it's ok, but I like my own plain product better.



I meant to mention this earlier, and invite comment from readers in the various Balkans nations, on the radio last night on Coast-to-Coast A.M. the formerly Art Bell show.

Art Bell Show, 8th April 2007

In the monologue, Art Bell spoke about the situation of honey bees disappearing from everywhere, and callers called in to discuss it.
He gave a list of countries which have experienced the hive collapse syndrome, and Croatia was on the list, meaning it must be going on in other Balkans nations. I invite comment from people in a position to know about hive collapse syndrome.
Another thing, are there other types of bees? Bumble bees for example?
Various theories as to why this is happening were given. Again nothing that has been researched, only that there have been near catastrophic losses of bees, and given how much of the food supply for all of the animal world depends on bees, we need to find help for these dear insects.
I have a self interest here as a maker and consumer of mead. Just opened a bottle of English mead given to me by a former boss of mine, it's done according to a recipe of Henry the Eigth's and interesting stuff. I suspect it may be made from an unusual honey type. I like my own product better to be honest, but this isn't bad.
I'll put up a picture in a few hours, of the product, so you can know about it.
I have someplace to be really soon.


I've been saying some of this for years, now here's some confirmation

Corporate Culture is Psychopathic

That's right damn near all of it. We should refuse to play, because it only works because we let it! The lot of it, the suits the forced cultural conformity to their corporate culture, the magical thinking theories they foist upon us all in the work place.


Happy Easter Monday to my Irish readers

Not that this was news to anyone who knew about the war...

Genocide Court Ruled for Serbia Without Seeing Full War Archive

Serbia's darkest pages hidden from genocide court

Does Serbia want to own part of Bar port?

2children injured in a mine explosion over the weekend in Kosovo

Albania plans no union with Kosovo

To my Irish readers, Happy Easter Monday! (for those of you in Rio Del, Easter Monday is the real Irish Independance day!)
The kids and I used to attend the commemoration of the Easter Rising. That isn't an event in our gulag, since there aren't enough Irish people here who are Catholic, nearly all the Irish here are Protestant, and unaware of Irish history, they are 'Merikins'!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter Dear Readers

Happy Easter!

Eastern Europe paying price of its prosperity

I got news for the San Jose Mercury News, Eastern Europe isn't all THAT prosperous, it SHOULD be, with an industrious population, and resources, but the changes in the region have been hard on the people. Give it time and a solid prosperity can take hold.

Serbs need money and nerves of steel to get visas

PM Tony Blair's Trip to BiH Slammed

First of all success of policy in BiH had nothing to do with President Bush or his father. Tony Blair did do some good there, back when he was hanging otu with the RIGHT people in America.

I do think it's something of a distraction to go there now.

Kosovo War-Crimes Trial Splits West and Prosecutors

Eastern, Western Easter Coincide This Year

Top Bulgarian Sumo Wrestler Grabs 2 Silver Medals at US Open

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Strel finishes swimming the Amazon

Strel Finishes His Long Swim;_ylt=Ak1aDjxCr25pQnnnfKBD8Sqek3QF

Nice to know he wasn't eatten by piranas and no tiny fish swam up his urethra!


Rainbow downtown Yakima

Rainbow downtown Yakima
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
A friend of mine, a good zek named Gene took me to a dinner that the Democrats have every year, and he was driving me home, we spotted a rainbow, luckily I had my digital camera with me so I began to take pictures of it as he drove me home. The rest of the series is over at Flikr, you can follow the progress, I included all shots taken on the ride home. Some were abysmal because the light would turn green just as I snapped and others are well at least you can see the rainbow.
Theres a few good ones from the yard. I was working with somewhat adverse light conditions, but it's alright, I got some. First rainbow of the year, and my third to photograph in my life.


'I'm STILL stuck' said the Fly..

Since this was filmed, I noticed the fly flying about away from the window, so I opened the door and said 'Hej Fly, the door is open go have fun!' and wonder of wonders it flew out! :)
This film spot was taken in the evening yesterday.


Egg for a friend

Egg for a friend
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
Made this egg for a friend. It has chocolate inside. I did the red with nail polish, the white is acrylic paint, and the whole is sprayed with Krylon so the finish will be smooth. I left the hinge, it's one of those new fangled ones with the hinge. I usually cut the hinge because I can do better designs if I don't have to cope with the hinge.


Holy Saturday

Canned Beef Monument in Sarajevo

I like beef well enough, even in canned form but I haven't had to have outdated canned beef even in some VERY hard times in my life. Probably the absolute worst food I ate in the catagory of food that was given to others was some turkey sausage that wasproduced in the U.S.,but intended for sale in Russia, or perhaps Ukraine. The package had Cyrillic lettering and I could tell it wasn't Serbian. It was the most disgusting vile stuff I ever ate in my life. I don't like turkey to start with and this was worse than just turkey!

I include this story because I've been a big proponant of micro-credit and other asset based poverty relief. I still think it can work if it is done correctly. I think if a program is poorly administered of course there's going to be problems, and of course there are some people who may just be in a hopeless situation, but the positives, particularly for women can't be ignored either. I think the irony of this critique is that micro-credit was seen for a long time as a compromise between conservative and liberal thinking on poverty relief. Now it looks like conservatives have turned on the idea, and liberals as well. The point with micro-credit is that most of the places where it has been used have NO social safety nets whatsover, unless begging in the streets counts. ..
In the U.S. micro-credit is a difficult means of poverty relief because there is a lot of regulation in any business enterprise. Regulation could be a problem in other countries and another problem is overlooked in the article, maybe not the report, but in the article and that is the heavy role corruption of public officials plays in poverty, and heavy interest rates. Micro-credit in the Indian subcontinent at least freed peasants from the usuary of the zamindar who might charge 400% interest or even more! Putting the interest at something like 5% or so at most, gave the poor a chance.

Micro-Credit Backlash

Holy Fire From Jerusalem to Arrive in Bulgaria

Happy Easter to all my loyal readers,

Friday, April 06, 2007


Film at 11! :)

This is the same fly that is in the still picture, you can really sense the frustration, and the determination of this fly.


Fly in the window

Fly in the window
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.
a tradition of Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett, the first big fly of the Spring! View large if you can't see it lurking int he leaves...


Hvala Vam Radimila!

Because of a post on 'My 2 Second Shelf-Life, I got to see this trailer from a movie I haven't seen in YEARS, 'Los Tarantos' one of my favorite movies of all TIME

here's the trailer...


Good Morning Yakima Gulag!!!

Kosovo's Bosniak lawmaker a lonely naysayer to U.N. plan


I think this is a littld bit sensationalized, but just to point something out, there would have been NO Wahabbi threat if there had not been any war or oprresion in
BiH or in Kosovo. Certain types of events radicalize people. The British had to learn that the hard way with Northern Ireland, and the Indian sub-continent. The United States has had to learn this the hard way with Iraq.
The other thing to remark on is that the arms embargo during the war in BiH directly led to a Wahabbi presence. If someone is trying to kill you, you take help where you get it, even if the rescueing person is a gangster himself.
Another thing, about the picture with this article, the women you see in that photo are not excessivly strict looking. They look like very traditional but normal Bosniak women in normal winter dress for the region. The REALLY Wahabbi women wear white scarves tied in a particular way, and they wear very long rain coats. You can tell them by the way their scarves are done so as to hide not only the hair, but part of the upper forhead.
The other thing that has to be pointed out is that the Bosnian government is not rich, they don't have nearly the money they need to take the necessary steps to keep out Wahabbi influence. People DO need schools and if the money comes from Jordan, or Saudi Arabia, as long as the kids learn to read and write t here might not be a lot of questions asked. A stronger central authority could do something more about this problem. Brcko isn't really a normal situation even for BiH anyway, but normal curriculum for Bosnia Hercegovina, NOT other countries ought to be insisted upon as a condition of being allowed to render aid.

Islam doesn't have the kind of set up that can allow for this sort of story to happen...

not Balkans related but of interest just because...

Step out of line and the man comes to take you away...well your church anyway....

This is kind of funny:

Reports: Macedonia's minister rides Beckham's stolen car

It was a little cold last night, but today is sunny and looks like it will be nice out.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Tip-Toe Through the Tulips with me!

Kaleidescope film of the tulips in my yard


Disease causes rage...?

Rage caused by tumors

This story is about the famous McCoy family of Hatfield v.s. McCoy fame, but I wonder if this disease could be more common than the doctors think? I wonder how much physical factors of this kind contribute to feuding, warfare, and attrocious behavior in situations of war?



Serbia jails Kosovo Albanian for 13 years

Reward offered in Kosovo monastery shelling

Shepherd Shortage in Serbia

Yet another reason to not be thrilled with the E.U.

Romania's shepherds wrestle with EU norms

Serb military records allowed at trial

OSCE protests naming of streets in Serbia after wartime commanders



They say the weather will warm up today, but just now it's cold, it's probably colder in the house than outside, which would be good if this were summer.

At least all the plumbing is done up to specifications, now I need to have the drywall guy in. Another reason I like Rob from A-1 Plumbing here in the Gulag is that he's THIN, and not afraid to use crawl spaces, meaning not a lot of drywall had to be taken out. So I hope this won't cost me too much, then I got to get most of my stuff to the shed right after Easter and I can have the real-estate guy in. He was really grateful for R.W.'s help too, she is a trained bike mechanic and stronger than I am, so she was an excellent helper for me. I am really grateful. After paying up, I gave each of them a bottle of good four year old medovina.

I'm not going to paint, you never know the new people may prefer other colors, I'm not putting in new carpet, they can do that, I am going to have the place nice and clean.

I have most of my stuff that will be sent after me packed and inventoried most of it too so I can do the way-bills. That's not so bad,except I can't take everything I want in my carry-on for immediate use. That seriously pisses me off, I need it to be light because some airlines really get nasty about weight of carry-ons. Lufthansa for example, and then they LOST my damn bag, O.K. they found it again, and all that, but damn I don't need stress either. I am rather annoyed because of it. I have my computer to think of as well, and my obsolete little digital camera, and my CD player, It's just a small one,but I want it, and a couple of emergency lighting devices, including the no battery flashlight, it's not bright but it's better than no light at all, and the fact it needs no batteries is great!
I am not taking a lot of CDs right with me. Maybe 10 in all. I am not taking a lot of jewelry either, just what I normally wear. What cosmetics I'm taking are all travel size, and for use en-route. I am going to have my other things that I'll want sent after I have found a small flat, I just want a 1 room or the equivalent of a studio. I don't need a lot of space. I have one small box that has kitchen things I might not be able to get easily there too. I HATE enamel ware, I am more for stainless steel so I have packed my big stock pot and a smaller stell pan, and my tiny Revere ware pot that I use to make coffee. I found European spoons and forks to be like shovels and forks so I put in some smaller forks and spoons. I have a rather small mouth and have never liked large utensils for eatting. I packed my favorite pareing knife and my all metal wine cork for shipment after I find a place. I LOVE my all metal wine cork, I can open any bottle of wine with it, and the old kind, I am not strong enough to safely use. I have small wrists too.
I pretty much have decided to use UPS since they have an office in Sarajevo. I'm not taking furniture, because that's something that I can get locally, and I'm not taking dishes for the same reason.
My other stuff goes in the shed for when I come back, because eventually I will be back. I'll want it then. My late mother's manuscripts have been a HUGE headache. No one should write without getting a damn agent! She didn't do that when she was alive and it is I am here to tell you EXPENSIVE to self publish. You get ripped off in the process. The big publishers only want certain kinds of books, not necessarily GOOD books of any lasting value.

My mother was a very fine writer. I think it's terrible she never got any of her novels into print. It floors me to look at my counter and realize that I have for my drivel a much wider audience than she ever had in her life. I always felt a little like I was in her shadow as a writer. I don't have what it takes to write a great novel, not the time in blocks, not the talent, and increasingly not the patience. I agree with the guy who said 'Only a fool writes without earning money for it' or words to that effect. Writing is HARD work. Even physically it's hard, even using a computer it's hard work. Even writing total utter Trashola is hard work. I wish my late mother had gone out and had some fun. It's almost like she did not know how to have fun. Life can be very short, and often very miserable. If you work hard you should do something that leaves you some tangiable results. Otherwise take it easy go have fun, fun is great! If that makes me shallow tooo bad!
O.K. rant for the day over.

Ha, I had a visit from LDS types, they almost looked like police, anyway I did the 'No English' Despite having NPR on, which of course IS in English! Ha! always good for a laugh, no one thinks I'm being rude, and they go hurt feelings :)

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