Saturday, April 14, 2007


Well, some good news on a personal front...

I've shared my bad news with my dear readers here and there, so it behooves me to share GOOD news for a change...

I got a very decent bid from XSBaggage for luggage forwarding, it's not cheap, it's not free, but it is reasonable, and it sure was a price that beat the HELL out of over 2 grand from one place I checked into! I was given a quote a little over $700. As I said, not cheap, not free, but certainly reasonable.
I feel a LOT better as a result.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, but don't count your chickens till they've crossed the road.
well, I know prices can go up, but I know I have a reasonable range here. It's not cheap if you want a few of your familiar things in another country. I'm not talking a whole houseful, just things I noticed are a bit hard to obtain in Sarajevo, strictly for my own personal use, like about four suitcases of things. Also I know it could be more based on the weights of these suitcases, they are not all the same size, and I have no scale here, I estimated the weights based on how long I could hold them at waist level in my left hand. I'm stronger on that side, as far as lifting things goes. A lot of women are, from schlepping kids around. I can guess weights fairly well for the same reason. I don't drive so often enough back in the day, it was not just kids but purchases. I hate carrying lots of things, I retired as a pack-mule when the kids got bigger of course. I threw a party for them the first time it was possible to go places sans diaper bag and a change of clothes! :)
I think it'll be alright. I do have one last bid coming Monday. Nothing is set in stone until I can get the house at least on the market.
No, I wasn't thinking about prices as much as the safe arrival of the goods. But in any case be careful - the value of the dollar has fallen drastically against the pound in the last few days (just as I finally got paid in dollars for the last work I did for a US firm, fifteen months ago).
EEEK what kind of people wait 15 months to pay a guy?!!!
From what I understand, baggage forwarding is more reliable than mailing things overseas, and it's cheaper than excess baggage fees and your belongings are less likely to get lost. I am going to get some stuff in really annoying obnoxious colors.
One of my bags that I really like because of it's size the one with the broken zipper tag, is from the label 'Amelia Earhart, and it's really hard to spot, it nearly got lost on me, right in plain sight! :) Moral of the story, Amelia Earhart got LOSTED, and maybe she's not the best person to name luggage after! :)
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