Monday, November 30, 2009


Lynx Dump Monday

Check this out!
Evidence of highly sophisticated civilization in the Balkans region:

And finally the E.U. does something right...

BiH is sending more troops to Afghanistan

Vojvodina is getting some new laws on it's legal status

The anniversary of the Dayton Accords finds BiH in bad shape

and pressure is being kept up on Serbia to bust war crimes suspects

and Kandic always has something worth listening to...

The fact these links are clickable is thanks to the Yakima Valley Public Library where I am blogging right now. I really like for that to go easily it is a huge hassle at home. Sorry guys.


Four Policemen Killed in Seattle Suburb

There was over the weekend a killing of four police officers in a Seattle suburb. They were in a coffee shop, minding their own business, writing reports on their lap-tops and someone came in and shot them all. The perp has not been caught. The person who has been reported as a 'person of interest' was let out of jail after a rather mind-numbing number of crimes any of which should have been reason to keep him in a long time, if not life and he was out. Even if he is not the perpetrator, he should not have been out.
You have to wonder what is going on when stuff like this happens.


Weirdness in Comment Spam

The spammers ought to figure out that no I will not post their stuff that is all in Chinese or all in Russian... not happening mars you guys! They tend to also comment on Very Old posts, I guess they think that will get them in.... uh ...NO IT WON'T


Happy Thanksgiving belated to my American friends and happy Eid belated to my Muslim readers...

O.K. the all-nighter did not even help. I pulled a couple actually, and just could not get enough words into it. I admit to having actually lost interest by a certain point,because it was too hard to get the research done. By that point, it was too late to start something else.

The problems with internet access did not help in the least bit.

Thanksgiving was nice, spent it with the right wing of the family. Meaning stuff your face with very delicious turkey and don't join in about half the discutssions! :)

I hibernated a bit after I gave up on getting to 50,000 words. There is a physical factor in writing that long. Your neck gets tired, your back, your eyes. No amount of caffein can take care of the pain when you start wearing out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The All Nighter

Yes Dear Readers, I had to pull an all nighter to catch up on my damned novel. It was like this, the coffee shop where we all meet to do our writing has something wrong with the internet and EVERY time we have met to do our weekly write- in (which in my case is ALSO a research -in)m I will get repeatedly booted. I am really sick of this because it frustrates me, and with me, caffein and adrenalin are a particularly lousy interaction, (I mean just ask the kids!)
So I went home and doped out the problem, and I am up sort of to speed again, but I am angry how hard it was to sort out.
I don't know if the booting is because of us all sitting there so long or what. All I know is I could definately live without it.

Anyway, since I could not do any decent research, I have to go to Tropical Heat today and see if I can suck down some $1 mocha and get some research done and an update on that thar word count thingie. oooopa!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Weekend stuff

Religion and Ethics Weekly had a little bit about the passing of the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade and showed brief clips of his funeral which was apparently huge and well attended.

The praying mantis is still hanging in there. I have to get some pictures of her up. She is really very cool.


Yakima born policeman killed in Nevada

There has been a lot in the local news about a policeman in Nevada who was the victim of a home invasion type robbery. He went to the same school as my kids and I have the awful feeling they may have known him.. His name was Trevor Nettleton. He died defending his wife and child, and I feel really bad for the family, who still live in our valley.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Praying Mantis

A very large praying mantis has been hanging around the kitchen window, she's at least 2 and a half inches long and I saw her EAT yesterday and clean her face! :) She's been hanging out there some days now and surviving several cold blasts in a most impressive fashion. I will have pix of her up soon.


McNiel-Lehrer Report last night

The MacNiel-Leherer Report had quite a decent story on Bosnia-Herzegovina, in it's section on fragile states. It was good because of the extensive interviews and film clips of different places as they look now since the war, and the interviews included various important government people, and it was a fairly balanced account.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


NaNo Write-In

orm 'At last we all meet!' well most of us anyway from last year and a couple of nice new faces!

I really had trouble with my computer, but I learned out of my miserable experiences last night,

with a little help from Ivan the Terrible, Remote Technical Support Ministry of the Yakima

Gulag, how to use Google Documents, and I must say that with a netbook you HAVE NO

CHOICE. The other beautiful thing about them though is you do not need to carry a thumb

All the Time, just when you actually Need it! So I am tired, but hapier.

I woke in the Wee Hours, as I sometimes do, suddenly, but I think instead of the stuff that

harrasses me in the Wee Hours, it was an Angel, there was a program on PBS called 'Soul

Sound', This turned out to be lovely music, some of it from varied religious traditions of North

Africa, some from other places, including Ireland, France, and Portugal, and even the United

States of America! Most of the music was religiously inspired, but it was so alive compared to

most religious music I have heard, the performers, again from a variety of traditions were


I especally liked an Afghan singer who sang poems by Rumi, and even if she was Afghan, I had

memories of similar programs of 'illahi' on Bosnian T.V. and i was veyr moved. The singer

herself was a wonderful singer, and then the Americans were a Gospel jazz band, in the New

Orlean style from New York called 'The Sons of Thunder' They rocked the casbah! :)

Also a mixed group of Morrocan and French Jews had a group that was wonderful to hear, and

there were brief talks and poetic readings, I felt uplifted when I woke up to this, and really really

enjoyed it. Hope it runs where you live! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009



Apparently they are all outta seasonal flu vaccine in the Yakima Valley, and the H1N1 is in short supply, I have a former co-worker who lost a relative to H1N1. I feel bad for her family about this.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Parade

Following my yearly custom, I went to the Veteran's Day Parade here in Yakima. It was longer than usual, I was fortunate to sit with a family who were welcoming home a father from Afghanistan. Glad he's back alive, hope he gets to stay!

I noted fewer than usual military vehicles, only one tank for example, one water truck or was it a gas truck, and one Hummer.
That tells me stuff like that can't be spared.

The most touching part of the parade was the part where they carried banners with the dead from Washington State.

The crowd was large, and people responded with enthusiasim.

I always have gone because I remember the year one of our few remaining WWI guys marched in the cold the whole way in snow, and I was glad I came, for if he could march all that way in the snow, I felt like the least I could do was be there.

The submarine guys and the Pearl Harbor survivors were in cars, much to my relief!

They deserve to ride if they want to, they marched enough if you ask me!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Closed for Veteran's Day.

Do not expect a post tomorrow, my usual internet access points are libraries, I will be attendign the parade ako Bog da, and will as usual film and photograph parts of the parade. Especially I will this time since it appears my grandkids will be in school. So I want them to get to see at least the high points.


What the President said...

Watched the part of today's memorial to the soldiers murdered at Fort Hood, and yeah, what the President said!

Monday, November 09, 2009


The weather is turning...

and I have me a slam bangeroo of a headache, and eyestrain too. The eyestrain is pretty explicable, I watched some stuff you can't unsee on NatGeo, namely the Ever Popular Taboo, which comes on after midnight.

People eating weird foods and havign a party while they do it. The Icelanders and the Anglo-Indians in particular ate some weird stuff. Half rotted shark and sheep testicles preserved in some sort of sour whey! eeew and I thought lutefisk was a non-treat of the Viking realms! Those people better never talk about what anyone in the Balkans eats!

The Anglo-Indian feast of a fetal goat was pretty weird, I really was perturbed and I guess I just shouldn't have watched.

The REALLY interesting show also an episode of Taboo, had an episode about the 'sowrn virgins.

' For thos of you from Rio Del , a 'sworn virgin' is a woman who forgoes marriage and romance and takes on a male social role in all particulars. She operates totally as a man, except she never marries. This custom is prevalent in certain parts of Northern Albania, and according to the program is also seen in parts of BiH, South Serbia and parts of Montenegro and Macedonia. I am assuming areas with a substantial Albanian minority. these women become so mannish that it is pretty amazing. They go sit in the kafanas and smoke and drink and all that, and work really hard. The men just treat them as another guy. It was pretty interesting.

I just couldn't sleep, took all my stuff and still couldn't get comfortable, and when I saw the sky I realized, well it's the weather.

Friday, November 06, 2009


The Horrible Shootings at Fort Hood

I really learned about what I have to call a massacre at Ft. Hood from the BBC, which I watch nightly on PBS, and most mornings for that matter.

I was appalled, I was disgusted and angry.

It should be noted most Muslim citizens of the United States are loyal to the United States and appreciate the freedom of religion we have here, and the tolerance most Americans have for people of differing faiths.

A great many Muslims actually do go into the Army. I had a friend who'se son was an officer and one of the earlier ones to be deployed when the U.S. went into Iraq. He was half Arab, half African American and he spoke Arabic so he was an interpreter translator. I haven't heard from this friend in years as she left the Yakima Gulag some years ago, but I am sure her son served in an utterly honorable way. Other people I have known who were in the U.S. Army and Muslim had pretty decent service records.

So when this happened I was pretty shocked. I have heard things to the effefct that this individual tried to get out of the Army and couldn't. It is admittedly very hard to get out if you are an officer, especially one with a vital skill such as a doctor or psychiatrist.

Still if you have a problem with something the Army is asked to do, there is one thing that you as an individual can ALWAYS do, you have the right NOT to join the Army!

We do not have conscription here, no one is forced to go into any branch of the military!

So I have to aske what he was doing there if he had a problem with some aspect of possible deployment?

I mean seriously, you don't have to join in the first place. If ANY activity gives you doubts you should not do it.

I also really wonder why it was that despite several very negative performance reviews he was not discharged? Perhaps he should have been.


Allright, Flikr Answered and actually were HELPFUL!

I am happy to report that Flikr answered yesterday and had USEFUL information to share,
which I will share, Yes you CAN pay for Flikr with a gift card BUT you should have TWICE the ammount on y our card, and they are who charged the transaction fee NOT American Epress. I was grateful to have an explaination. I have to hold off getting my Flikr updated if I do it myself so I cut a deal with my son to do it, and I will get some of the Christmas presants as he hasn't had any brilliant ideas but I have seen several things I know the kids will love! So instead of him being stuck with shopping time and shipping I do the shopping and eliminate the shipping by being here and I get my flikr acoount re-upped AND I have information that will be useful to me next time!

So YEAH! Thanks EVERYONE! :)

oh and on the gift cards from American Express, sadly they can't be reloaded even if they do have a very generous expiration date. I am going to use the current card to get presents for the grandkids. Those will be their uncle's presents. Then I have some cute surprises in mind of my own.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


This Post Brought to You By

People who are sick and damned tired of being hassled trying to pay for stuff online.
FLIKR, the organization that makes me want to ethnically cleanse a few people, and Yahoo, another organization that makes me ask 'When people really do annoying evil stuff where is Mladic when we need him, where is Karadzic when we need him, Hell Chiang Kai Shek anyone?' Seriously I have BURNED an hour of perfectly good internet time trying to place a re-up on my flikr with a gift card, an American Express Gift Card. Those people are about to have their ears burn and if anyone can find an 800 number for the Flikr folks them too big time. I have done credit card payments online before, o.k. it's a little harder for me than for the average person, BUT this was ridiculous! 3 tries here at this library ate half an hour of my time here, and I tried earlier, had to LEAVE the COMPUTER and call the AMEX help line, and they said if I registered the card, I could pay for stuff, bez problema. NOOOO that is a fat lie.

I call it a problem when you get 'there is a temporary problem please try again later.' I call it a big problem actually. I did jump through all their type this type that hoops and there is the right amount of money on the card but they are still messing with me.
What does it take to make this stuff work?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


This Post Brought to You By Northtown Coffee House!

So he's finally going there to that thar courthouse to explain how the dog ate his homework....

and hearing about this guy's basic rights kind of gives me the sick...

Yesterday he told the court: "I don't want to boycott these proceedings, but I cannot take part in something that has been bad from the start and where my basic rights have been violated."

After reading this especially!

Modern technology is making it easier to track war crimes evidence, and verify where are mass graves.

and file under 'promises promises!'

I do wish they would arrest him!

and a bit WTF? to this: My old neighborhood must have been bez struja too, because it's the same grid...People I know have to go to that hospital and guess what? Some of those folks are Bosnian Orthodox Serbs, it is not by any means ALL Muslim in Sarajevo!

n one instance, the main hospital in the Bosniak, or Bosnian Muslim-dominated, capital city last month endured a day-long power cut because of poorly maintained power lines from a Serb-run power station.

having this kind of problem is so 19th century! Come on let's get with the times
here, we all need electricity these days!

And speaking of 'Please For the LOVE OF GOD get with the 21st century NOW! check this out!

Croatia is not that exotic a place any more, it should not be hard to stay on top of world developements in the travel industry.... Ahem... EasyJet.... hire some people who know what they are doing... train the people you got now.... something like that...

and not directly Balkans related but interesting. I suggest the Archeologists get to work and find all of Lucy's family NOW while they have the chance...

Other stories were of interest at least to me but there is some problem with the internet just now. Will try to put them in next time I am here.
I love coming to Northtown Coffee here in the beautiful formerly Banjo Bar, it is a nice place and they don't pay me to say so! :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

O.K. Alright... tell us something we didn't know!

And in Kosovo, a statue of President Clinton! He already has a street there, and a big mural.

Eight men have been indighted for the murder of Pukanic, editor of Nacional.

Plavsic and Dodik a Love Story

Eurovision News:

and this lovely story of stecci! I actually brought home a small model of a stecak that probably was placed over one of my ancestors.

Stecci actually show the extent of Bosnian presence in all the places they are found. It does not mean that Bosnia ruled those places or claimed them, because not only have stecci been found in all the places mentioned in this story but in Italy as well and there is no part of Italy that fell under Bosnian rule. The presence of stecci simply means important Bosnian people with the money to erect such monuments were present.

The post -war wine industry in Croatia and Slovenia

I got the same thing at the Samosluga for what 5KM! :)

Let the Good Times Roll!

And the shortage of women who want to stay down on the farm after they have seen Belgrade or *gasp* Gay Paree, has led to Catholic women from Albania marrying Serbian men. The women who are mostly Catholic Albanian have a problem finding husbands as most ambitious men go to Greece, and there they tend to meet Greek ladies and stay on. The Serbian guys can't find wives because there is a distinct girl shortage, especially as I said of girls who don't mind farm life...
So an organization bent on preserving the Raska area's Orthodox populationn has been sponsoring these trips. I saw the mother of one of the Serbian guys reading coffee grounds and the way her scarf was tied was like any village lady in Bosnia too! :)
It is worth noting that in the area concerned Muslims are a majority, but mixed marriages must be rare.
I saw this on PBS on Saturday morning here in the Gulag. They are begining to broadcast interesting things on weekends here...,,4826182,00.html

on a personal note, I have a good start on this year's NaNo. NO one showed at the coffee house, so I hope there will be contact this week sometime with other NaNo folks. I am going to talk with the one I do have a number for, and see what we can do about setting up a meeting.


According to the BBC Karadzic Will

Grace the Tribunal with his presence....

ABOUT DAMNED TIME! I think he was waiting for the Mothers of Srebenica to go home. I hope they have not gone home.

Basically though, Karadzic has to appear of have counsel imposed on him. I think he needs a number of things imposed on him. I would like to start with

Katjusa Roquette's Very Special Sensitivity Training Course. Mr. Karadzic has been on an elite list for said training course a long time. Perhaps after Putin the White Male I would most like to see enter this course.

There are some WONDERFUL Native American traditions which would apply aptly to this man. My more well read readers will know what I am speaking of....

For those of you less well read, it involves middle aged women of the more war-like Native American peoples, pointy sticks, stones and fire..... Sometimes it involves knives and other sharp pointy things...

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