Monday, November 09, 2009


The weather is turning...

and I have me a slam bangeroo of a headache, and eyestrain too. The eyestrain is pretty explicable, I watched some stuff you can't unsee on NatGeo, namely the Ever Popular Taboo, which comes on after midnight.

People eating weird foods and havign a party while they do it. The Icelanders and the Anglo-Indians in particular ate some weird stuff. Half rotted shark and sheep testicles preserved in some sort of sour whey! eeew and I thought lutefisk was a non-treat of the Viking realms! Those people better never talk about what anyone in the Balkans eats!

The Anglo-Indian feast of a fetal goat was pretty weird, I really was perturbed and I guess I just shouldn't have watched.

The REALLY interesting show also an episode of Taboo, had an episode about the 'sowrn virgins.

' For thos of you from Rio Del , a 'sworn virgin' is a woman who forgoes marriage and romance and takes on a male social role in all particulars. She operates totally as a man, except she never marries. This custom is prevalent in certain parts of Northern Albania, and according to the program is also seen in parts of BiH, South Serbia and parts of Montenegro and Macedonia. I am assuming areas with a substantial Albanian minority. these women become so mannish that it is pretty amazing. They go sit in the kafanas and smoke and drink and all that, and work really hard. The men just treat them as another guy. It was pretty interesting.

I just couldn't sleep, took all my stuff and still couldn't get comfortable, and when I saw the sky I realized, well it's the weather.

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