Monday, November 02, 2009

O.K. Alright... tell us something we didn't know!

And in Kosovo, a statue of President Clinton! He already has a street there, and a big mural.

Eight men have been indighted for the murder of Pukanic, editor of Nacional.

Plavsic and Dodik a Love Story

Eurovision News:

and this lovely story of stecci! I actually brought home a small model of a stecak that probably was placed over one of my ancestors.

Stecci actually show the extent of Bosnian presence in all the places they are found. It does not mean that Bosnia ruled those places or claimed them, because not only have stecci been found in all the places mentioned in this story but in Italy as well and there is no part of Italy that fell under Bosnian rule. The presence of stecci simply means important Bosnian people with the money to erect such monuments were present.

The post -war wine industry in Croatia and Slovenia

I got the same thing at the Samosluga for what 5KM! :)

Let the Good Times Roll!

And the shortage of women who want to stay down on the farm after they have seen Belgrade or *gasp* Gay Paree, has led to Catholic women from Albania marrying Serbian men. The women who are mostly Catholic Albanian have a problem finding husbands as most ambitious men go to Greece, and there they tend to meet Greek ladies and stay on. The Serbian guys can't find wives because there is a distinct girl shortage, especially as I said of girls who don't mind farm life...
So an organization bent on preserving the Raska area's Orthodox populationn has been sponsoring these trips. I saw the mother of one of the Serbian guys reading coffee grounds and the way her scarf was tied was like any village lady in Bosnia too! :)
It is worth noting that in the area concerned Muslims are a majority, but mixed marriages must be rare.
I saw this on PBS on Saturday morning here in the Gulag. They are begining to broadcast interesting things on weekends here...,,4826182,00.html

on a personal note, I have a good start on this year's NaNo. NO one showed at the coffee house, so I hope there will be contact this week sometime with other NaNo folks. I am going to talk with the one I do have a number for, and see what we can do about setting up a meeting.

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