Friday, November 06, 2009


Allright, Flikr Answered and actually were HELPFUL!

I am happy to report that Flikr answered yesterday and had USEFUL information to share,
which I will share, Yes you CAN pay for Flikr with a gift card BUT you should have TWICE the ammount on y our card, and they are who charged the transaction fee NOT American Epress. I was grateful to have an explaination. I have to hold off getting my Flikr updated if I do it myself so I cut a deal with my son to do it, and I will get some of the Christmas presants as he hasn't had any brilliant ideas but I have seen several things I know the kids will love! So instead of him being stuck with shopping time and shipping I do the shopping and eliminate the shipping by being here and I get my flikr acoount re-upped AND I have information that will be useful to me next time!

So YEAH! Thanks EVERYONE! :)

oh and on the gift cards from American Express, sadly they can't be reloaded even if they do have a very generous expiration date. I am going to use the current card to get presents for the grandkids. Those will be their uncle's presents. Then I have some cute surprises in mind of my own.

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