Monday, November 02, 2009


According to the BBC Karadzic Will

Grace the Tribunal with his presence....

ABOUT DAMNED TIME! I think he was waiting for the Mothers of Srebenica to go home. I hope they have not gone home.

Basically though, Karadzic has to appear of have counsel imposed on him. I think he needs a number of things imposed on him. I would like to start with

Katjusa Roquette's Very Special Sensitivity Training Course. Mr. Karadzic has been on an elite list for said training course a long time. Perhaps after Putin the White Male I would most like to see enter this course.

There are some WONDERFUL Native American traditions which would apply aptly to this man. My more well read readers will know what I am speaking of....

For those of you less well read, it involves middle aged women of the more war-like Native American peoples, pointy sticks, stones and fire..... Sometimes it involves knives and other sharp pointy things...

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