Tuesday, November 17, 2009


NaNo Write-In

orm 'At last we all meet!' well most of us anyway from last year and a couple of nice new faces!

I really had trouble with my computer, but I learned out of my miserable experiences last night,

with a little help from Ivan the Terrible, Remote Technical Support Ministry of the Yakima

Gulag, how to use Google Documents, and I must say that with a netbook you HAVE NO

CHOICE. The other beautiful thing about them though is you do not need to carry a thumb

All the Time, just when you actually Need it! So I am tired, but hapier.

I woke in the Wee Hours, as I sometimes do, suddenly, but I think instead of the stuff that

harrasses me in the Wee Hours, it was an Angel, there was a program on PBS called 'Soul

Sound', This turned out to be lovely music, some of it from varied religious traditions of North

Africa, some from other places, including Ireland, France, and Portugal, and even the United

States of America! Most of the music was religiously inspired, but it was so alive compared to

most religious music I have heard, the performers, again from a variety of traditions were


I especally liked an Afghan singer who sang poems by Rumi, and even if she was Afghan, I had

memories of similar programs of 'illahi' on Bosnian T.V. and i was veyr moved. The singer

herself was a wonderful singer, and then the Americans were a Gospel jazz band, in the New

Orlean style from New York called 'The Sons of Thunder' They rocked the casbah! :)

Also a mixed group of Morrocan and French Jews had a group that was wonderful to hear, and

there were brief talks and poetic readings, I felt uplifted when I woke up to this, and really really

enjoyed it. Hope it runs where you live! :)

Nice that a bit of sleep trouble turned out well for once.

I don't understand about Google Documents and netbooks. Can't you use a memory stick?
well yeah you can use a stick BUT you will run out of room, and need to move anything big, I had No Idea I was such a Data Hog! :)

Anyway, cleared some space, and can get crankin' again! :)

And yes, if I had to have trouble with sleep, it's good it was for a NICE reason for once!
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