Wednesday, November 04, 2009


This Post Brought to You By

People who are sick and damned tired of being hassled trying to pay for stuff online.
FLIKR, the organization that makes me want to ethnically cleanse a few people, and Yahoo, another organization that makes me ask 'When people really do annoying evil stuff where is Mladic when we need him, where is Karadzic when we need him, Hell Chiang Kai Shek anyone?' Seriously I have BURNED an hour of perfectly good internet time trying to place a re-up on my flikr with a gift card, an American Express Gift Card. Those people are about to have their ears burn and if anyone can find an 800 number for the Flikr folks them too big time. I have done credit card payments online before, o.k. it's a little harder for me than for the average person, BUT this was ridiculous! 3 tries here at this library ate half an hour of my time here, and I tried earlier, had to LEAVE the COMPUTER and call the AMEX help line, and they said if I registered the card, I could pay for stuff, bez problema. NOOOO that is a fat lie.

I call it a problem when you get 'there is a temporary problem please try again later.' I call it a big problem actually. I did jump through all their type this type that hoops and there is the right amount of money on the card but they are still messing with me.
What does it take to make this stuff work?

It's all intended to grind you down and give up.
I just sent them an e-mail and got a useless 'please wait' one back.

They DO NOT have anythign specific to my problem and in my circumstancese FAQ is a STUPID INANE WASTE WASTE OF MY TIME. They could put what to do up WHNE a problem occurs, not later. I know it isn't funds, just GOT the damned gift card and have NOT used it for another damned thing. so meanwhile I am giving Flikr bad publicity until they contact me and help me.
I am sick of taking everyone's govno! Especially online places that have damn near all my Sarajevo pix, and all my Ireland pix!
Glad all's resolved, even they don't give you a life expectancy refund.
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