Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Parade

Following my yearly custom, I went to the Veteran's Day Parade here in Yakima. It was longer than usual, I was fortunate to sit with a family who were welcoming home a father from Afghanistan. Glad he's back alive, hope he gets to stay!

I noted fewer than usual military vehicles, only one tank for example, one water truck or was it a gas truck, and one Hummer.
That tells me stuff like that can't be spared.

The most touching part of the parade was the part where they carried banners with the dead from Washington State.

The crowd was large, and people responded with enthusiasim.

I always have gone because I remember the year one of our few remaining WWI guys marched in the cold the whole way in snow, and I was glad I came, for if he could march all that way in the snow, I felt like the least I could do was be there.

The submarine guys and the Pearl Harbor survivors were in cars, much to my relief!

They deserve to ride if they want to, they marched enough if you ask me!

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