Friday, November 06, 2009


The Horrible Shootings at Fort Hood

I really learned about what I have to call a massacre at Ft. Hood from the BBC, which I watch nightly on PBS, and most mornings for that matter.

I was appalled, I was disgusted and angry.

It should be noted most Muslim citizens of the United States are loyal to the United States and appreciate the freedom of religion we have here, and the tolerance most Americans have for people of differing faiths.

A great many Muslims actually do go into the Army. I had a friend who'se son was an officer and one of the earlier ones to be deployed when the U.S. went into Iraq. He was half Arab, half African American and he spoke Arabic so he was an interpreter translator. I haven't heard from this friend in years as she left the Yakima Gulag some years ago, but I am sure her son served in an utterly honorable way. Other people I have known who were in the U.S. Army and Muslim had pretty decent service records.

So when this happened I was pretty shocked. I have heard things to the effefct that this individual tried to get out of the Army and couldn't. It is admittedly very hard to get out if you are an officer, especially one with a vital skill such as a doctor or psychiatrist.

Still if you have a problem with something the Army is asked to do, there is one thing that you as an individual can ALWAYS do, you have the right NOT to join the Army!

We do not have conscription here, no one is forced to go into any branch of the military!

So I have to aske what he was doing there if he had a problem with some aspect of possible deployment?

I mean seriously, you don't have to join in the first place. If ANY activity gives you doubts you should not do it.

I also really wonder why it was that despite several very negative performance reviews he was not discharged? Perhaps he should have been.

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