Tuesday, November 03, 2009


This Post Brought to You By Northtown Coffee House!

So he's finally going there to that thar courthouse to explain how the dog ate his homework....


and hearing about this guy's basic rights kind of gives me the sick...

Yesterday he told the court: "I don't want to boycott these proceedings, but I cannot take part in something that has been bad from the start and where my basic rights have been violated."

After reading this especially!


Modern technology is making it easier to track war crimes evidence, and verify where are mass graves.


and file under 'promises promises!'


I do wish they would arrest him!

and a bit WTF? to this: My old neighborhood must have been bez struja too, because it's the same grid...People I know have to go to that hospital and guess what? Some of those folks are Bosnian Orthodox Serbs, it is not by any means ALL Muslim in Sarajevo!

n one instance, the main hospital in the Bosniak, or Bosnian Muslim-dominated, capital city last month endured a day-long power cut because of poorly maintained power lines from a Serb-run power station.

having this kind of problem is so 19th century! Come on let's get with the times
here, we all need electricity these days!


And speaking of 'Please For the LOVE OF GOD get with the 21st century NOW! check this out!

Croatia is not that exotic a place any more, it should not be hard to stay on top of world developements in the travel industry.... Ahem... EasyJet.... hire some people who know what they are doing... train the people you got now.... something like that...


and not directly Balkans related but interesting. I suggest the Archeologists get to work and find all of Lucy's family NOW while they have the chance...


Other stories were of interest at least to me but there is some problem with the internet just now. Will try to put them in next time I am here.
I love coming to Northtown Coffee here in the beautiful formerly Banjo Bar, it is a nice place and they don't pay me to say so! :)

"I cannot take part in something that has been bad from the start" - bit late in the day to come up with that one.
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