Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Finally I know what is going on with my insides ...

So I went and had a colonoscopy awhile back, they took about six biopsies in the course of the whole deal and told me I had a remarkably clean colon for an American. This might be because I do not EAT like an American.

Anyway, I asked the doctor under all the Micheal Jackson stuff to keep this from hurting 'If my insides are so good, why am I suffering DECADES with my stomach?' I fell back asleep before he could tell me, this would be the wonder of those Michael Jackson type drugs, they do put you to sleep pretty fast...

I had to go back because of havign a consult, and I was afraid I might have to have another colonoscopy, because this was to rule in or out whether I have celiac disease. The good news is I picked some better dead ancestors, no celiac disease, thank God!

also I picked a few bad dead ancestors, one of whom was a little too secretive and a little too unwilling to see a doctor for an embarrassing problem, yeah Mom.... you! :(. OK here's the deal, I have lactose intolerance of some sort, I will always have it sad to say, and that is that, but I do have a treatment plan, so at least I can have less trouble. I am informed this is probably life long, but I was told that a patient who was 90+ years old came under treatment and she recovered enough in a few years not to have a problem. This was welcome news as this problem can be highly embarrassing and miserable.

Actually the person I saw did tell me I had done a couple things RIGHT in the meantime, like NOT getting involved with laxatives and anti-diahrea drugs. She said that that would have made matters much worse. Given I had a few people tell me ... including one doctor from Seattle .... who shall remain nameless that it was just my diet and just take the pink stuff and the other stuff. NOOO that was BAD advice.

Another thing, it was BEAUTIFUL really BEAUTIFUL to NOT be treated as if I were malingering! I appreciate that a lot, because from time to time talking with others about this frankly I have been treated kind of badly on this subject in the past.

It's nice because in one department I get to have some hope. And better yet, I can tell my kids how to cope if they start having a problem. And they can tell their kids and the cycle can be at least slowed down...

I can't handle cold milk, but fortunately the rest is pretty much OK. Test things out. For example apparently matured cheese has lost most of its lactose to the bacteria.
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