Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Stuff abut my netbook

Ivan the Terrible, Minister of Remote Technical Support for the Yakima Gulag sent me when my old lapt-top died an Acer EEEPC net book. Which I enjoy a lot actually except for the last three weeks when I could not reliably go to any coffee house and log on.

I thought it was a cheap ploy by coffee houses to make me buy more coffee, which I could understand except for a couple small details, 1. It was happening in OTHER free WiFi hotspots where purchasing something was not mandatory in any way, and 2, it was all the coffee houses, and 3 NO coffee house I patronize is at all sleezy. They are all run by extremely wonderful people wheter it is Tropical Heat or North Town or Essencia Bakery. Seriously all wonderful people and I really appreciate all of them because any marathon internetting I have to do on my own machine is probably happening in a coffee shop.

So here is what was happening and here is the fix just in case anyone else out there has had this problem.

1, these computers do not like to hold a lot of data, don't go more than half capacity, something called 'DCOP with a bunch of numbers will shut off unpredictably on you.

2. The WiFi thingie shuts off unpredictably. How to turn it on and off is a toggle thing it is the Fn key and F2 you hold them down. You will see a little box that will say your WiFi function is ON or Off with a little red international 'No' sign for 'OFF'

Fiddle with that if you think it has accidentally turned off and then you should be back in business.

I had a very frustrating time with NaNo this year, because literally I did not have unimpeded research time until last night. I finished out at just above 32,000 words, instead fof 50,000.

I should have gone with the Sci-Fi story instead of continuing on with my series.

All tthe NaNo friends were great to meet with this year, I am so glad to have had that experience. One thing about NaNo is that in the writing game, it is the absolute least poisonous bunch you can run into! I love them all! I will do it again next year, and I have a contingency plan for good internet or bad internet! :)

Very interesting to know the explanation.
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