Wednesday, December 02, 2009


OK I lied, some Lynx for you!

Kosovo stuff:

Gitmo stuff:,0,6758779.story

Serbia-US stuff:,0,3982105.story

damn is that Makedonija name game EVER gonna settle down?

on debt and 'cheap ' real-estate Elsewhere;

What Ceric has to say about the Swiss vote:

When I was in Sarajevo, I saw him walking on Ferhadija one time...

I guess being Muslim trumps being European or White..... just sayin....

Kultur Korner:

file under sad passages:,0,5264076.story

Anti-burek stuff: I like cevapi better but today I could do with a burek! :(

This is why partition is bad, it messes stuff up whereever it is tried....

and oh yeah, you end up with a lotta articles like this one...just sayin...

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