Saturday, June 30, 2007


Sunny Saturday!

Bosnian nationals arrested Chicago on immigration charges

Balkan N.G.O.s want Tolbert to Suceed Del Ponte

Attempt on the life of Agim Krasniqi

Above link reposted

Exit Balkans Strongmen

Home of Karadzic's wife raided

Not just Balkans related, related to all of life on Earth:

Be NICE To the BUGS ! Be NICE to weeds! Be NICE to Spiders, Be NICE to Bats, Be NICE to Wasps (YES I REALLY SAID THAT)

They are here for a reason,

National Pollinators Week

Friday, June 29, 2007


Rainy Friday

The Vulture Man

This was interesting because of course vultures are interesting, I did not know they lived for so long, and I am glad someone is interested in helping these birds.

Roman Ruin in Serbia on World Heritige Site List

Working IX to V

There was much levity on NPR over this story, I have to admit the job descriptions were amusing.

Not Balkans related but important:

Terrorist incident prevented in London

Seems the terrorists are stealing a better class of car.

Yesterday afternoon I was hiding from real-estate agents.No unlike the strange old lady in 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' I am not afraid of real-estate agents, most of them are perfectly nice people, in fact I like the ones I've dealt with and they provide a vital service, it's that they prefer the owner to be absent when they show a property so that the customer can look around without feeling uncomfortable. Two agents had appointments to show the house. I took a recent sewing project and sat in the H.U.B. then went to Angel's place, she made a delicious dinner, chicken wrapped in bacon, with vegetables, cake for dessert. Then on the way home since it rained, saw a lovely rainbow, missed my chance to photograph it however, because my camera was at home, and I didn't get home before it faded. Still a lovely sight. It looked nearly solid, and lasted a good 10 minutes.

I do hope that some one among the nice people who have been traipsing through my house will need a house, will like this house and will make an offer. It's not that I mind living here, but even if my plan were to stay in the States, I would need to sell the place, I don't want to be here for ages dealing with yard work. It's a waste of resources for one person to live here alone. It is RIGHT to sell the house, and it's better to sell it than to rent it out if I live far away.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Remains of more Srebenica victims found

Kind of a cool, 'This day in History' type thing:

It's not just Vidovdan, other stuff happened...

Muslim War-Lord Found Dead

Kosovo Commemoration Passes off Without Incident

Radio Free Europe Account of Kosovo Commemoration

I consider this to be good news, because this event has sometimes been fairly tense. I think marking a historic occasion of such regional significance calmly is a step toward peace actually.

Council of Europe Expresses Concern Over Status of Kosovo Refugees in Bosnia

Joint Conference on 'The True Image of Islam' to be Presented in Zagreb

Morocco has been doing a lot of valuable work in countering extremist ideology in Islam. They should be commended for this.



NATO to stop Serb 'guard' marking Kosovo battle

Vidovdan is tomorrow, as I need not remind anyone of Balkans heritage. The type of gathering the 'guard' proposes is provocative in the extreme.

As is this accusation:

Dulic asks for inquiry into Ahtisari bribe allegations

Lantos says U.S. would recognize unilateral Kosovo independance

and I think timing-wise this may cross that same line. I like Tom Lantos, he went to bat in a big way years ago for a good friend of mine, and he has his reasons for supporting Kosovo. I just think the timing is wrong for this statement, a couple days later might have been good, or a couple weeks earlier.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A couple other Jasmina post, check this out...

Jasmina Tešanović: What About the Russians?

Milan Martić Sentanced in the Hague



In Croatian language

Statehood Day in Croatia

It would Pyrrhic victory if Bulgarians and Muslims oppose at local elections in Kardzhali: CEDB leader

UN Prosecutor Urges Delay in Signing of EU-Serbian Pact Until Arrest of Mladić

UN warcrimes prosecutor singles out NATO for criticism§ion=theworld&col=


Milošević's death haunts war-crimes prosecutor

The Balkans heat wave continues, so far 31 deaths around the region. Lots of lookers at my house, but so far no offers. Went to Trinity's where we all went out and got some Chinese food at the Safeway where my daughter works, and then after eatting I went and we picked a few gooseberries. The bush is VERY thorny, and the berries are hard to spot, but a real treat. Spent the morning messing with water hoses so I can water, basically a faucet cracked out front, and two water sprinklers don't work so well, one I can't get off the hose it's on so I had to use Duck tape on things, and run around testing things, I got it sort of working. Some of this has plain been aggravating. A nice green lawn however is important to curb appeal, so it must be maintained, tomorrow I'll take advantage of free bus service to go get a faucet, and then I can fix the front faucet. I will get at least one new sprinkler head too.

Internet service has been a little weak here for users of my service, so we'll see how that goes. I hope I don't need to drag my laptop to an internet cafe or school to use it.

Monday, June 25, 2007



There isn't a lot of news in the Balkans today, mostly the on-going nargle about Kosovo, the heat wave, and the fact a bear mauled some tourists in Romania is still big news. The biggest new stories are:

OSCE Encourages Legal Recognition of All Minorities in Kosovo

Bulgaria Privatizes Sea Shipping

First Trilateral Balkans Military Exercise

and perhaps most sinister of all,

Clear Channel Enters Romania

alright, it's only outdoor signs, but that is a start. Nearly all local radio in the Yakima Gulag is Clear Channel

They like all well run business operations start small, and next thing you know, the whole area is filled with mind-numbed robots...

Sunday, June 24, 2007


T shirt

T shirt
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
I did the shisha patches on this shirt


Sunday, warning this post isn't entirely safe for work....

Bear Mauls Female Tourist to Death in Carpathian Mountains,,30200-1271995,00.html?f=rss

I suspect that both women attacked were either near to their menses or experiencing them, women need to be REALLY careful in bear country. A woman cannot always know when she is near that time, but many animals react to her changed scent, and even the most careful hygiene isn't enough, because the subtle odor of the entire body is different.
To a bear a woman who is very close to menstruation, or experiencing it smells like a female bear in heat.

Hey at least I didn't link to Pravda's story on it, Pravda REALLY goes over the top!

President of Serbia apologizes to Croatia for war crimes

This action took great courage, and I respect Tadic for this, I hope people back home eventually realize that good relations with neighboring nations will go far to help the survival of the Serbian people, a good people who have suffered tremendously from short sighted leaders.

Hare Krishna Followers hold their greatest festival in Bulgaria

Slavs in saris, no problem, I wear them myself regularly, but I know too much about the Vedas, and the ancient history of the people in India to buy into the Krishna Consciousness view of it all. The study of archeology proves that the people long ago in India ate meat, and they were known to drink at very least, mead, which was called 'madhu' in Sanskrit. The Baghavad Gita is the story of a WAR! Besides I can't get with a group of people who had in their magazine 'Back to Godhead' among the very cool looking lithographs remarks like 'A woman is like a cow, it is nice to be a cow' Nothing against cows, but I didn't like the whole article, which went on to say how women should be totally submissive to men, and which said that a woman is less pure than a man due to her bodily functions, which by the way are a temporary condition and necessary if the human race is to continue!

Why didn't they say that young men are impure because of wet dreams? That's a messy and FAR less predictable bodily function!

Oh I get it, that happens to MALES! It's o.k.!

Putin to visit Zagreb, discuss energy policy§ion=business&col=

Well, Ivo, Stipo, just watch out for the sushi!

Opinion piece from Zamam on Kosovo

post script: Just noticed that a couple of the new 'Out of Context Quotes' were halfway relevant! oooooj!

If you don't want the cow there's always the option for a human.'

'And that is why the devil invented teflon.'

'Someone made a very official looking head freeze.'

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Saturday Morning

Bosnian Serb Refused to Kill Muslims in Srebenica

Croatian Generals Go On Trial

Pakistan Congratulates Croatia on National Day(June 25)

More than 30 victims succumb to heat in the Balkans

The most have died in Romania, but the whole region is suffering.

Famous British Historian Dies on Holiday in Croatia

And just for fun on your holidays....
Chariots will carry tourist between Bulgaria and Greece

and BezKulturno Korner:

Espanola Police Blotter

For those of you who don't know, at several significant points in my life, I have lived in New Mexico. EVERYONE tells jokes about people from Espanola and what happens there. Espabnola is actually a nice little town, but I guess more happens there than one would expect...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bus Crash Survivors Go Home

The roads around the area of Medjugorije are not a joke, I mean they are hair-pin roads, no guard rails a lot of the time, and very dangerous. This is normal in the Balkans.

< a href="">Serb Refugees Fear Revenge

The latest on Fox news,Tony Blair is becoming a Catholic, his wife is Catholic. I did not know that she was Catholic. This would hardly be news in the U.S. except as a matter of passing interest.

Yesterday was scary, not one real estate agent came to look at my house.
I went down to Wapato with some friends, and got some lovely pictures.


Thursday, June 21, 2007



Hard Numbers In on Bosnian War

It is as well that someone has done the hard work necessary to find out what the real numbers were.

Heat wave kills 19 in Romania

People die all over the Balkans in the hot weather, usually from going out early when it is cold in enough clothes for cold, and then not taking some of these clothes off, and not drinking enough water.

I don't think this should be allowed, two very bad guys to affect history AGAIN, it's almost like a perverse way of rewarding them.

Serbia may trade Mladic, Karadzic for concessions on Kosovo

A refugee's story:

My name is Leonard

Kultur Korner:

Grbavica, Land of My Dreams out on DVD

Review of DVD Grbavica

Got hold of the latest Prism, one friend had two decent works in it, there was other decent work, but the popularity of stories that half way glorify cutters is still a problem, and the quality of writing over all is sad since the Poetry Mafija left. The cover was an attempt to look dignified, but it didn't really.

They sodded the area around the new Anthon-Glenn Hall, there's enough grass they really ought to consider getting some sheep or some cattle to keep it short, then there is this fence similar to what is up already along Nob Hill Blvd. Short cuts obviously are never going to be possible.

I still feel sickish, went down to Wapato with some friends, got some lovely flower pix too.

Must put them up on Flikr.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Gentle Readers:

Expect that for the forseeable I will be blogging less intensively, I'm out of the house a lot so that it will be easy for agents to show it, and I had some sort of a router problem this morning. I'm using the Internet Cafe at the Hopeless Union Building, at the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of er Re:Education.

This morning, I heard on NPR that the guy in charge of food safety in China is facing execution. I think given what carelessness in China has resulted in, this might be a good start, but they need to also make an example of the companies which have sent unsafe goods abroad, and distributed them in China.

West'>">West Worrieed about Bosnia's Stubborn Divisions

I think the existance of tight borders has often contributed to genocide, for one thing if people can flee a bad situation, they will, for another, if a lot of people flee someplace then everyone else knows there is a problem, and maybe intervention would be swifter and more effective.

This could have been more effectively done sooner.">Intensive Efforts to Integrate Refugees

Seeking'>,,2103247,00.html">Seeking Asylum,,2103247,00.html

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Good Bye Ruby Tuesday...

Serbia Ready to Make a Deal on Kosovo

Former Serbian police general declines to enter plea on Kosovo war crimes

Del Ponte Cautions Against Early Independance for Kosovo

Interview with Louise Arbour

I have had many people come to look at the house, but no takers as of yet. One guy really antagonized me last night. This house hasn't been on the market more than 2 weeks and he was really sort of sight-unseen snooty with me. I am not sure whether he wanted me present or not, but I decided not to be present. I went to a friend's house for a bit and we watched a bit of a movie, until time for me to walk home. I took my 'portable sweatshop' I'm doing some mirror work on denim for my grand daughter. My daughter can put it on different outfits as she gets older, and she'll have something no one else at school has! :)
I do really nice durable mirror-work. It keeps me relatively calm, and it's something I can do someplace other than home. Right now, I have the house in nice shape, not a lot to do but keep up appearances until such time as it sells. Anyway, I hope that some person will find that this place meets their needs soon, whether it's a first time buyer, or someone who'd like to fix the place up and sell it at a profit. It's got good potential for either type of buyer and is priced to move, so I have to have some hope. The rose that was trained is looking well and the other rose has put out new growth.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Monday and it sure feels like a Monday..

Miss BiH 2007\06\18\story_18-6-2007_pg9_5

Hope this puts the male readers of these pages in a better mood.

War Crimes Trial Begins for Two Croat Generals

Trivial of me but I can't help commenting...
I must say Norac doesn't look the same! What did he do to his hair?

Sentances cut in Bosnian suicide bomb case

< href="">Denmark rules that Croatian war crimes suspect can be extradited to Serbia<>

2 of 3 members of Bosnian presidency want to end partition of BiH

This would be a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I know of no partitioned land that has real prosperity.

I am really really tired, a friend of mine who has suffered for years from domestic violence may need me to go to court with her.She needs to evict him, and can't be home while this is going on. He is a complete jerk, and doesn't earn a living. Instead of being grateful to her for a place to live, he mistreats her and their daughter. I've been urging her to get him out of there for YEARS, and so has anyone else that gives a damn about her. She needs to go in and get a restraining order then the Sheriff's Dept can go in and take him out. They have wanted to for years too. The whole neighborhood is sick of this guy. His own family are tired of him.
I did tell her that every time he says he's not afraid to go to jail, she should say 'Yeah because that's the only place you can make some money Pretty Boy!' He's always prinking, he takes longer to get ready to go any place than any woman does.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Kultur Korner:

Probably most Americans are familiar with Toby Keith's post 9/11 song, which I think I have remarked on negatively at some time or another on this site and definitely, in personal conversations with friends, as having been therapeutic in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 but as having worn thin since with myself anyway. I learned something I didn't know about Toby Keith on Friday, AND have meant to put something up about it here. Toby Keith while he's very patriotic, and loves America, is not now and never has been in favor of the war in Iraq. It was news to me, I read it in a publication called 'On' put out Fridays by the Yakima Herald Republic. I was totally surprised, and wanted to share it, but things have been crazy around here. Besides, I can't post a link because after a few days YHR makes you pay to read stuff, and I can't just copy it because that's a copyright infringement, and I'm trying to keep things legal around here. So you might want to check the Yakima Herald Republic for Friday, June 15, 2007 and the 'On' supplement, this information is probably out elsewhere as well.
As I said, it surprised me to learn this. Toby Keith has felt bad about negative reaction to his song, and about the assumption that he favors the war. As someone who has had that assumption I want to apologize. I am glad that there was some clarification on what he thinks.


War Crimes Suspect Busted in Budva

Serbian General Arrested on War Crimes Charges,20867,21922561-2703,00.html

See also here:

BBC story on arrest of Serbian general wanted for war crimes

The article mentions that this brings the number of wanted men down to four, I don't know if they mean 'important' wanted men or all, probably just 'important' wanted men.

Kultur Korner:

Over the weekend, I rented three movies, 'Borat', 'Casino Royale' and 'Nativity Story'.

The music didn't come off loud enough in 'Borat' this was so when I watched at a friend's place, and also at home, it is of course as advertised very vulgar, and it is easy to see why the people Borat fooled later sued. Personally I enjoyed the movie, my favorite part was the EXTREMELY sweet Jewish owners of a bed and breakfast, and the fear Borat and his road mate displayed in 'escaping'. The couple were so obviously cultured and so obviously nice, sweet and dear people, people I would enjoy knowing, not the kind of people one ought to fear.
I liked the frat boys on tour next best, but that bit didn't make me like frat boys any better than I do, which isn't much, sorry to any loyal readers who might be frat boys.
I personally know a LOT of people like the people in the rodeo part of it, and the bar scene part of the film. A major life challenge is to try and wise up these people who are much nicer than they seemed in the film.

'Casino Royale' was good if you like gambling, gory killings, African Hell-holes, and lots of shooting. The sequences filmed in Montenegro weren't bad either. I liked the arrest. I could not figure out who was being arrested. I wished I had the sequence, because I immediately thought 'I hope they are busting Karadzic or maybe Mladic'

I have learned not to expect too much of movies about Jesus, and 'Nativity Story' was typical. Lots of mean, nasty Romans, lots of houses that DO NOT look like houses probably looked in Nazareth or Bethlehem in Biblical times, lots of crude looking costumes that again are meant to convey some concept of 'long ago' without portraying how beautifully people made their clothes in reality. I mean unfinished seams, no embroidery i.t.d. e.t.c. 7rla. People in this region of Israel/Palestine tended to only have one or two complete outfits and it took about a year to make them, especially non-work attire, feast day outfits. Women, especially married women covered their hair, and Joseph was described in the Bible as an older man, not ancient, but older. The man in this who portrayed Joseph was, aside from his poorly researched attire, a delight to behold, really beautiful eyes and hair, same goes for the young lady who portrayed the Virgin Mary. Again, bad wardrobe and a beautiful actress.
The Romans had cheesy movie roman gear, I realize the real stuff is costly but they might have done better with it. The architecture of the houses and the Temple was laughable. Nice job with the red heifer though, or was it a red bull? Hard to tell since it was decorated. Sacrificial animals were decorated then, I'm not sure how much the Jews did that, but certainly other peoples decorated their sacrificial animals.
The usual really poor research and lame attempts to make the customs of a time so long ago seem 'relevant' to modern people and yet to convey that it was long ago is a common mistake, and doesn't help make the movie better. The 'observatory' of Three Wise Men was a good example of the same mistake of trying to convey this long ago quality. A little basic research would have gone a long way to make this movie better.

And a Side of Snarque from elsewhere

Saturday, June 16, 2007


And now this:

IWPR stories

Lukic opposes transfer to BiH

to which I say, well that's just TOUGH!!! 1. Lukic's family have been there all this time and we haven't heard of any of them having a problem. Maybe there's been problems but nothing that has hit the news. 2. If you do bad stuff there's consequences, so again, just TOUGH!!!

Family and friends of ethnic cleansing victims bury their dead

People not really from Kosovo

Kultur Korner:

Kadare's fiction: a review


Saturday Morning

I have been out of the house as much as possible so that people can look at the house. Mostly I don't have a lot of my things here anymore. I have very little furniture left here, having put the few items of furniture I really am fond of in the shed, and having gotten rid of the rest. It' not cluttered here and would take a VERY short time for me to leave once the place does sell. I did have the old rose bush trained on Friday. A friend of mine is a daughter of the McMahan family who run McMahan's nursery trained the rose bush and it's been very mild weather since. That same rose bush is over 100 years old, she estimates it might be 130 years old. Trained to the topped tree, it looks like a rose tree. This bush broke up a trellis, killed a Rose-of-Sharon that was planted too close and half killed a maple tree that started up by it. It can't get rid of that topped maple though. There is a Siberian elm that is fool enough to try to grow in the middle of the other rose bush, that isn't working out so well for the usually invasive Siberian elm! These roses have huge woody canes, and have very fragrant blooms. Lovely blooms.
Anyway I WILL haunt anyone who removes those roses! They are a part of the history of our Gulag.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


And now for something completely different!

Remember the cute game 'Chat and Play in Slovenia'? The one with the delightfully round avatars and the places to hang out on line in Slovenia? I have taken a lot of friends to play there, splashing in the spa, ringing the bell in the church at Lake Bled, skiing, and hang gliding, etc, now Maribor is in the game! :)
Scooped you M.M. ! :)

Chat and Play in Slovenia


In other news....

NPR REALLY SHOULD KNOW BETTER! I mean every time I hear the 'Islamic Extremism Is Spreading in the Balkans' I am annoyed to say the least. There probably are a few extremists, but there is a vast difference between observation of one's religion and extremism. I'd like to see someone get that straight.

NPR story

1 killed 1 wounded in Sarajevo De-Mining Accident

E.U. police in Kosovo must be subject to the law


Sad news.....


This is sad news for a lot of people in the Balkans.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Something to check out, via MeFi...

Get Grandpa's FBI

No, seriously, this is real!


A little preventative engineering...

Clearing off a counter, I found the spare line conditioner left here by Ivan the Terrible, and I decided that THIS line conditioner was NOT going to go the way of the first one, so I installed it, and then used a little duct tape to put it in a position where there would be no jostling or fraying, and so that the jack would not come loose on it's own. This is something I should have done AGES ago, I didn't think of it then, but ugly as the solution is, and it is ugly, I think it will at least allow me to use my computer and my phone at the same time. More people looked at the house, I found their cards here and there, I left a little thing to put cards in and put other business cards there to hint to them that this would be a good place to put their cards. All the counters are a lot clearer now. I'm putting office supply type things in a Sterilite box to keep here, so that my friends if they visit don't have to separate their kids from my stuff all the time. Funny how that works! Kids love office junk! :)
I hope someone will please buy this place soon. The latest ones, for tomorrow drove by and wanted to take a look. That's actually hopeful. This place is mostly better inside than outside.


Mr. Wizard is dead.

The death of Mr. Wizard of 'Watch Mr. Wizard' fame was announced last night. I used to love his show, and watched it every time I could.

now to Balkans news, and it's been busy.

Bosnia's top international official says political standoff threatens EU ambitions

No Kidding!

Serbia ready to annul possible decision to proclaim Kosovo independent

Kurti back in jail

Mystery of Bush's watch solved

I didn't bother with this story because it looked fake to me. Those folks who started the rumor need to get down on their knees and thank God they don't live in Sweden!

Politician Fined for Remarks about Albanians


I am online less than usual, because I'm out a lot so the house can be shown. I don't like being around for that, I have spent time with friends, for example, went to the Greenway with one friend, and her little girl. That was fun! We saw a Heron, a Viceroy Butterfly, numerous Drab Little Brown Birds, and a Cottontail Rabbit.
When we were leaving we had to chase the baby past the offices of the Greenway, there was a screen door and the baby became fascinated with a couple of Moths. One was stuck inside the screen and one was on the outside. My friend decided to see if we could open the screen door, and that way let out the moth stuck inside. Sometimes the course of True Love DOES run smooth! The two moths flew off and I wish them well! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007



Martic gets 35 years

A profile of Martic from Monsters and Critics (warning lots of pop-ups)

'A simple man'

N.P.R. also has covered the story.

Castro is against Kosovo independance

O.K. sort of a mind Improvement story but what a tough kid!
1 year old Bosnian kid falls from 4th story and is uninjured,2933,281032,00.html

So yesterday I had my first serious 'lookers' A real estate agent from another agency called for an appointment to show my place. I spent the day sweeping the basement and back steps, and then had a long bath. Then went downtown to check on some things, then came home, rested and waited. It wasn't so bad. They kept their faces blank, but I think everyone realized that there are some nice features of this house

Monday, June 11, 2007


An Update from last Tuesday

An anonymous reader of this site sent me under last Tuesday's post an update and correction on the A.P. story about the suspected mass grave in Serbia that was supposed to have 350 bodies or so in it. As it turned out, if you click on my original link, the update is present already in the link originally posted, that was A.P.'s doing, not mine.
I would have posted an update if I'd personally seen it. It's good that AP does this automatically, and I'd like to thank my readers who send in information. I can't be everywhere at all times, and remember this ain't Reuters, just the Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett, we do the best we can here, but we do so with limited resources.


Monday Morning

Serbia Slams U.S. for Backing Kosovan Breakaway,,2100556,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

Why Albania Embraces Bush

Silvana Boneva: VMRO-DPMNE and Macedonian Government support Marti Ahtisaari’s plan for Kosovo status

Laura Bush Visits Orphanage Overseen by Michigan Agency

Milorad Trbic sent From The Hague to Sarajevo for Trial

Milosevic widow and son are to be charged with cigarette smuggling in the '90s

Gay Rights March Stoned in Romania

I attended a birthday barbeque for my grandson who is now four years old, it was a lot of fun. My daughter was far too tired to take me home last night so I stayed at their house the night. I ended up with a lot of delicious barbequed meat, that is always nice! I love barbeque and Tom is a champion barbequer. So njummm!

Sunday, June 10, 2007



No real news today, most of it is covered by what was in yesterday's post. I'm tired and I need to go eat a little breakfast. I finished my little sewing project. I decided the sleeves needed to match the front of it more. so I did more mirror-work and sewed them on last night. It looks very nice I think.I do better mirror-work than you can get from India. My stuff doesn't fade or shrink which is a nice feature. An Indian acquaintance of mine complimented the work on it and said it looked very nice.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Tesla would be so proud of these guys!

Wireless Power

I note several people of Balkans origins on the team too! ALRIGHT!


Yakima Gulag goings on...

When one crosses the street in the Yakima Gulag's downtown, and in many uptown locations there are of course crossing lights, and one pushes a button to get them to work, they make a chirping noise exactly like the crossing lights in Dublin, Ireland, which is kind of cool. What is NOT so cool is they do not give anything like an adequate time to cross. I've been meaning to show what it's like for me. I am in reasonable health and in decent shape, I can move pretty fast still. I don't even want to THINK what this does for older people....
Most drivers do cooperate, but I still think the signal is too fast. You could blink and lose your turn to cross the street, and the time is inadequate for a two lane street, let alone a four lane street.


And actual news....with a side of snarque....

President Bush Visits Pope Benedict

My favorite bit is when the Pope asks the President about Putin, and Bush waits for closed doors. You know all weekend I've been wondering if the President was ill because Putin slipped him the sushi, no seriously.....

Putin is not happy about Kosovo, or the missile shield. About the missile shield, I can understand, but over Kosovo, well, everyone needs to take a chill pill and do things carefully, and that's not so likely....

Putin Angry with West over Kosovo,,2098670,00.html

Clinton got a street in Pristina, Bush will get a street in Tirana

Bush Street, Tirana

Anti-war demonstrations planned for Bush's Bulgaria Visit

Kind of a 'Mind Improvement' Story but oh well!

Wild Boar Rampages in Black Sea Resort


How to be Woken Up:

Courtesy of N.P.R.

Slavic Soul Party

This is what happens when a half American, half Serbian Gypsy born in Louisiana grows up in New York, I woke up in a way better mood than usual, not that I'm a grouch in the mornings, I usually wake up in a decent mood, but this was REALLY nice to wake up to, and I know a LOT of my usual readers will like this, you get to listen to some of their tunes, so I will somewhat later, my neighbors may not like this sort of thing as much as I do, and even my non-Gringo neighbors may prefer that the gratification be postponed....

Friday, June 08, 2007


Thank God It's Friday!

Kosovo Vote to be Delayed

3 Alleged Islamic Extremists Arrested in South Serbia

The home village of Mother Theresa is mentioned in this article:
Tragedy in Kosovo Goes On

C.I.A. ran secret prisons in Eastern Europe

Spain Arrests U.S. Terror Suspect

Padilla Trial Rests on Phone Records

Well the sign went up in front of my house, the lock box is installed so the realtor can come in and show the place in my absence, I asked him to call if anyone were coming early in the day and said I'd be gone a lot since I have no interest in meeting total strangers who will look at my home. I just want one of them to buy the house and be happy here. This is a decent house, and I have been happy here. I have errands to run later. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Thursday, June 07, 2007



Via BoingBoing, btw Why does Sloppy Joe look sort of blonde?


Via Boing Boing

< a href="">Snipers Prefer Camel Cigarettes

Weird old add


The big news today....

Dodik to sue top Bosnian Muslim Politician

Dodik needs to lay off the rakija and take a big bottle of chill pills.

Well the escape plan is still on track,the house is officially on the market. It's not going for the price I'd hoped for, but it's going for better than something I dreaded, it's actually appreciated a little so I'm going to be o.k. I think the little bit of work I did have done didn't hurt, and land values have gone up moderately in this area. Some houses here are now stunningly restored and updated. Someone will probably buy this place for that purpose or as a starter home. It's a decent enough place, just in the wrong country and too much house for one lady of my age. Anyway I need to go do some running around, I overslept this morning, yesterday was a nervous day for me. I do have a wonderful real-estate agent. I need to put out the incense, I burned some cinnamon as incense. That's because it will be warm today and I cooked my dinner and put it in the fridge to warm up later, like at dinner time. I do those things in the warm weather.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Article by Jasmina:

Anything Jasmina has to say needs to be read:

Mothers of Mass Graves

and HOW in the HELL did I miss this one? I check BoingBoing regularly!

Stelarc in Ritopak


Houston, We Have a Problem...

Turkish Troops Have Entered Iraq

They have been going after Kurdish rebels that fled from Turkey into Iraq, and this is not necessarily a good thing...


Windy Wednesday

More on Bush's Meeting with Kosovo Albanian Leader

Russia Reaffirms Solidarity With Serbia

The other BBC article had this link and while it's on Northern Ireland, it has some possible ideas that could be used in BiH and other Balkans countries.

Peace Dividend

Serbian President Says Leaders All Agree Mladic Must Be Caught\ACQDJON200706060601DOWJONESDJONLINE000382.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked〈=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Worries for horses at Hippodrome for Stones concert

I thought they were going to move this concert?

Tourists who usually go to Greece are going to Bulgaria, Croatia

International Envoy to Travel to Libya to Seek Release of Nurses

Well, it's nice and cool again today, which is very welcome to me, I have a bit of running around to do today. I am at least not going to die from being overheated. :)

The real estate agent says that I probably won't get as much as I hoped for my house, but the good news is he says don't bother fixing anything else. It looks like I was smart not to go too overboard on cosmetic fixes. I fixed the stuff that I could afford to fix and no more. I am relieved not to have to babysit today. The kid in question is a rambunctious child and I don't handle rambunctiousness well. My kids were not especially rambunctious, and the grand-babies are not especially rambunctious. This is not to say this is a BAD child, she's a really nice little girl, just very spirited and very very lively and full of questions, which is a good thing but it can make me tired sometimes :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Broadway cheese

Broadway cheese
Originally uploaded by Fant
Wonderous Ameri-Kitsch! This woman Noli takes great pictures, she works for the Wall Street journal doing those exactling stipple portraits for the paper.



Mass Holocaust Grave Found in Ukraine

< Mass Grave in Serbia May Contain 350 Bodies

Bush meets with Kosovo Albanian leaders

I am late putting things up today because I am getting ready to have the real estate agent in. This has meant a certain amount of tidying up and so forth I'm tired, this is my one break I've taken today since 9 am. I am grateful for the cooler weather, because it's a lot of work. I
burned some incense too, because I can't take the smell of pine scented cleaners.

Anyway back to work for me! :)

Monday, June 04, 2007



Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
This is a line conditioner, something you have to have if you have D.S.L. and would like to use your phone. I find line conditioners to be one of those really annoyingly badly designed items. 1. they add clunkieness to the design of the phone, 2. they FRAY VERY EASILY! which causes the individual phone to go 'dead' intermittantly, until you notice the copper wires which if you are very near-sighted may take awhile.
Anyway it caused me some annoyance, and designing it so it isn't so delicate would be nice. Come to think of it, I really HATE phone jacks too, overly delicate pieces of crap. Building things to be overly delicate is wasteful of resources. I wish they'd design stuff better in the first damn place. So now I need a new line conditioner.


Monday Morning

Thank God we had some rain last night, it involved thunder and lightening. I think though it may have stressed a neighbor of mine who is in bad health, because the ambulance was there early, like 5:30, then again they call an ambulance for him something like once a month so who knows. I hope he's o.k.

I found the lower temperature a great relief. I'm sure my plants outside did too!

Srebenica families sue Dutch and U.N.

Serbia to exhume mass grave

And from the wondrous land of mixed messages:
U.N. Prosecuter to press for Mladic arrest

E.U. to drop Mladic demand,20867,21843652-2703,00.html

Wait, they have trams all night? We don't have bus service after 6ish here!

Dead man rides tram all night

Albanian police arrested for human trafficking

From 'The Agonist'
The Good War

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Slowly Sunday

Macedonia willing to join N.A.T.O. under F.Y.R.O.M. acronym

considering how Greeks and Macedonians fight over that acronym, I find this an amazing development!

The cameras were ready, the revolution was not..;ex=1181016000&en=52aa0e7a0609c419&ei=5087%0A

This looks like a movie I want to see!

Major Human Trafficking Ring Broken

I am always glad when such rings are broken, people really suffer as a result of trafficking. It would be better, FAR better to have reasonable immigration laws so people could travel legally where they'd like to go. Another thing though its it's easy for traffickers in an environment where people aren't aware what is happening outside their own countries, sometimes outside their own neighborhood. I don't know about now, but American women used to be trafficked in Japan pretty regularly and both countries are modern countries where such things should not be happening. The traffickers lured the women from America with promises of jobs teaching English and since lots of Japanese ARE learning English, it seemed plausible to the Americans, and they ended up working in brothels and strip clubs. It was pretty awful. It worked because of the language barrier and the lack of information on Japan on the part of the American girls. Most people who go to visit Japan have a nice time, it's a lovely country, but they do have gangs and crime the same as ALL countries do.

U.S. calls for round-up of remaining Balkans war criminals

I'm tired today from all the outings yesterday. The guy who did the work came by and we talked about other stuff to do around here, trimming the rest of the tree, and trimming the lilacs, and what to do about the accumulation of leaves. I realized they'd make GREAT mulch, it's Really Hot in the Gulag, I decided I'd just shovel the leaves onto the roses, for mulch. The other odds and ends of crap can just go in the trash, there isn't a lot of that sort of thing.

I am calling the real estate agent Monday, and just get the sign up.

Good News for a change

Ah, look at this crazy sandwich! Via MetaFilter:

Crazy sandwich food sculpture

I think there were some cool cakes there before

and courtesy of MeFi again, did you ever wonder where the Hell cats go all day? What are they doing? Cat Cam


Yeah, at my age I go to loud concerts

Yeah, at my age I go to loud concerts
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
The concert was mostly loud, but there was some good music all the same, and a very good turn out of young people. The guy who started EdgeFest is moving on and no longer will be organizing this marvelous festival. :(, So this is probably the last one. I was at a street fair earlier in the Central Yakima Gulag, and had to miss one of my favorite local bands. Unfortunately busses don't run that late, and the very good friend of mine who gave me a ride wanted to go home sooner, she'd had a long day of vending. So I had to miss 1169. At least I got to see Optimus Rhyme, who do really funny Geeksta Rap. They just get better all the time!


Again, Via MeFi:

Things that probably would not happen in BiH, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegr, Macedonia, Kosovo, or India,or Mexico, definatly not in Canada, or in Ireland, but that did happen in the United States.

Woman Dies in E.D. on the Floor,0,1577522,full.story

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Checking the news I found this!

This is in Croatian, but the gist of it is that this guy was being spied on by a priest for the government's secret services:

Splitski svećenici
špijunirali su me za hrvatske tajne službe’

Friday, June 01, 2007


Via Metafilter:

If you haven't run across the then you have missed out, this site is teh migthy! Seriously Comrades, you need to check it out at least SOMETIMES!

OMON Knows NO Mercy!

uuumm check out the videos too. Very Educational...


Something Really Cool from Firefox:

Recently I updated my Firefox and checked out new extensions, as usual, I checked languages and found this nifty thing, I'm sure it is of use to many of my regular readers. I really love it. It's both English and Croatian, and puts up BOTH so it's got a lot of potential uses as far as I'm concerned.

The bad news is it won't translate on text documents but I am going to test a work around. I haven't checked for regional dialect stuff yet, that's the next part of my research, basically for every day use this is a really cool thing to have available.


Check THIS Out!

I love this idea, and think it would be a good thing for the comrade zeks in this gulag to apply to the 'art' of the urki who mess things up around here.

Graffitti Report Cards


Thank God it's Friday!

Former Bosnian Serb General Captured

UNHCR mobilizes lawyers to combat statelessness in Montenegro

Some Albanians insulted by Bush security measures

Some advance buzz for Exit Festival:

From Rebels to Revels


National Accordian Awareness Month

C'mon click it, it mentions Wierd Al Yankovic, a guy I really love!

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