Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This is simply NUTS

Who knew the Iraqi air force was in SERBIJA?


Tito's son is being investigated by the Croatian government


Major sweep against organized crime in BiH:


British medical people being urged to boycott a conference chaired by a notorious plagiarist. There may be a pay-wall for the full article.


and last but not least, something however small is being done about 'mobbing'!


I suffered this in a couple different work places. It messed me up a lot because in both cases I really needed the jobs and did not have a different job I could have moved on to.

There was a history of links between Milosevic's Serbia and Saddam Hussein during the sanctions period. I remember an ICG report which mentioned a possible joint chemical weapons plant in RS.

The ICG report was about the ongoing links between the Serbian govt and Saddam Hussein after the fall of Milosevic -

Yeah I did see something about that before. they both were members of the Stupid Dictators Club.
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