Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Alright, Mr. President... Just Do It!

Basically I was hoping we'd get a National Health care system at least as good as they have in Bosnia or Croatia, I wasn't daring to hope for anything as good as France has, but NOOOO! The lackey running dogs of the Insurance Industry basically OWN the legislative process in our country and even subtracting two wars that have gone pretty pointless isn't going to result in a National Health Care System. What is on the table now looks like watered down Hilary Care. In fact it isn't at all as good as watered down Hilary Care. Anything that does not include at least a 'public option' allows the insurance industry to go on it's merry way ripping off all the American people.

The Real solution would be to have a national health service that covers most people. Have private insurance cover the gaps that will inevitably occur. Ithink Medicaid is actually not such a bad model, if and yeah I know it is a big fat hairy if, they can get physician re-imbursemtns up some. That should be done through the government. Doctors could do what they do in most of the Balkans countries, they could form a union and look out for themselves.

All I know is as things stand now, it is really awful for small businesses and it has been steadily getting harder even for major corporations to take the costs of the present system.

Some degree of socialized medicine could actually save capitalism.

Bosnia Herzegovina had a really stupid war in their own country and they have a decent National Health care system, we have two fairly stupid wars that cost us singly far more than the cost of a decent Health Care system. Do th e math, subtract a war, maybe even subtract two wars and we could afford a really great system.

I am worried that President Obama is turning into another Jimmy Carter, he's being way too nice about some of the nonsense thrown at him.

He needs to get just a little Balkans on their @$$*$!

Nothing to do with wars, vested interests you have always with you. I share your surprise at how Obama tolerated the vicious nastiness that the opposition came up with. But equally I'm baffled how the great American democracy that voted for change has allowed hysterical fantasy to destroy their hopes and expectations so easily.
Well, it is surprisingly easy for demoguges to lead Americans around by the nose, it has been surprisingly easy for some time.

People here can be really contradictory. We are a republic, a representative democracy, but very few people actually VOTE. It is so much more FUJN to form a mob and start yelling...
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