Thursday, September 24, 2009


More on Gulag Related Insanity

The CEO of Eastern State Hospital resigned due to the scandal that followed a dangerous patient having been permitted on a field trip. More information on policies about field trips, dangerous patients, are refered to here as 'criminal patients' or 'forensic patients' Not every state institution has the same release policies.

The other institutes in Washington State do not allow forensic patients to be out and about, especially if they resist taking their medications.

Eastern let this man out before to go to community college for awhile, to work in a rug store for awhile, and while out on this release, he fathered a child.

This was some years ago, but I gather it was AFTER he killed that poor old lady in Sunnyside. How he killed her was pretty aweful, he cut her throat, then doused her in gasoline and burried her in her own flower garden. He later said his voices told her that this woman was a witch who had been putting spells on him.

Anyway, I the resignation of the current CEO is only part of the answer, some policy changes are in order as well.

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