Tuesday, September 22, 2009


video editing sites and YouTube some rantage follows

Alright maybe it's just me, but I uploaded two different media editing sites. So far One True Media has annoyed me to wanting to do bodily harm to Someone or Other. It is needlessly difficult to get at stuff on there. I uploaded to this machine some work that was on my old machine. Whatever is going on there, I could not tell if what I clicked on was even uploading. I am going to try Jaycut next and see if it works any better. The features One True Media says it has are nice to have, things like being able to rotate a video for example. That sounds like a really nice thing to be able to do. I have a video or two that's up sideways.

I am really annoyed with YouTube also, some kuckin sina decided some of my Sarajevo videos were porn when in fact they are NOT. I hope whoever decided that gets ethnically cleansed along with his or her family! If I had upoaded porn, oh well that'd be the breaks, but what this video was was guys working on a building near a flat I lived in for a time last year. Believe me all those guys had their clothes on because Balkans working men are generally over dressed for a job of work, jans, shirt usual under thingies, long-johns, heavy white socks, boots, hats jajackets, and very often a boiler suit over the entire ensemble. Hardly the stuff off porn! Then there is no way on YouTube to get to someone like a moderator to have them reverse something stupid like that!

I would like to know what is to be gained by makeing something be user un-friendly in that way?

For God's sake, I am an older lady who isn't even UP for much deliberate law-breaking, let alone posting of salacious matierials!
If someone maliciously interferes with stuff I posted shame on them! if it is some automatic feature of their system again shame on them!

Rantage is an innovative use of language. Surely YouTube must have an "appeals process", otherwise it would be only too easy for people to sabotage someone by complaining about "porn".
uuum if YouTube has such a process I have not been able to find it and what is worse yet, I siced Ivan the Terrible on it and he could not find it. sorry for the misspellings in the last post, still not used to the smaller keyboard! Rantage is a Gulag-wide usage and maybe it is normal nerd-speak.
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